Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh

autonomy: independence, independent; the right of self government; and independent state or community; freedom to act as one pleases; freedom of will; organic independence

The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE) is a self funded campaigning and social centre, for people who wish to take control of their lives by working collectively against social, economic and ecological injustice and exploitation; rather than looking to politicians, bosses and bureaucrats for solutions.

What is ACE?
An introduction to ACE


How to help ACE (from Info is Strength (Sept 1997))
What one finds at ACE
History of ACE
Flyer for the info shop (HTML version)
An invitation to join ACE (by email on request)

Avant guard experimental music CD compilation as a benefit for ACE; Available at ACE or by post from us. Out on Iris Light Records.


An email is no longer given here as previous email addresses given have been overloaded with spam and tofu (circulars), the ace email was rarely checked as not best use of our time, but it is still hoped to check now and again, and messages may have been overlooked.

When sending postal mail to ace, please note if you put a name on the mail it may be left for that person or group to open, which could meant rest of collective and ACE visitors not seeing notice of events etc. Postal mail will be seen b more people involved with ACE than email.

PGP use encouraged



ACE's web pages can be accessed at, please link via this URL.

old stuff:

ACE Questionnaire

Info is Strength (Oct 2000)