Information is Strength Oct 2000


The state builds monuments for propaganda purposes - to commemorate their imperialist wars or to feign sympathy for those who died in them, to make their authority appear immutable by parading their past leaders or simply to impose their strength upon the people. Inspired by the multiple uses of a strip of turf, the Autonomous Monuments Collective hopes to construct enduring peoples monuments. For example, one idea is for a monument to the memory of those who died fighting fascism in Spain. Anyone interested in the project is encouraged to come to meeting on Monday November 13th at ACE 7.25pm or get in touch. Contact c/o ACE.

RECLAIMED! The street party which took place in the summer was a big success. Over 1000 people contributed to the carnival as it occupied a series of streets, including Clerk St., Princess St. and Lothian Road. Some people who enjoyed the event are keen to see similar activity in the future - if interested contact c/o ACE.


On the 26th of September Prague hosted the annual meeting of the international monetary fund. It also became the focal point for the latest global day of action against capitalism. As thousands danced on the streets, fought with the police or blocked roads, solidarity actions took place around the world. In Edinburgh, a lively carnival accompanied by Tony Blair and a fat cat puppet invaded a series of especially nasty businesses. Leaflets were handed out in several banks as well as GAP, JD Sports and McDonalds. The spirited action which lasted over two hours was described by the Evening News as having "caused mayhem... they were blowing whistles and shouting" as if not appalling enough the paper goes on to tell us that "dogs were barking"! The new anti-terrorist laws can't come quick enough.

Anyone interested in planning for Mayday 2001 contact ACE.


Despite prolonged local protests the powers that be are still planning to build the destructive A701 road through the Midlothian Countryside and Edinburgh Green Belt. A representative of the A701 No Alignment Action Group (NAAG) will be talking at ACE, on Wednesday 8th November at 7pm, regarding the next stage in attempting to stop the road. All are welcome but can alternatively contact NAAG direct on 01968 675109.

SPECIAL ACE MEETING A special pre-view of the new look ACE will be available to those who attend the meeting on Sunday 12th November at 6pm. Scheduled to review what progress has been made with projects agreed on at the special meeting held back in May, this meeting should give all of us a chance to discuss what we’ve improved on and what still needs more work. FARCE That quinquennial farce which sees politicians pretend to have some interest in the people they govern is almost upon us again. The various parties are preparing their election propaganda so perhaps we should be planning an anti-election campaign to counteract this? All suggestions are welcome.

MUTINY A new group of people have got together with a view to organising benefit gigs for ACE under the 'Mutiny' monicker. Anyone interested in helping out - be it as an organiser, performer etc - or even just contribute ideas and suggestions, should get intouch via ACE.

HOMELESS NOT HELPLESS Protest at Leith Agency, due to make a fortune from running the Government advertising campaign to persuade people not to give to beggars. Meet 12.30pm Tues 31 Oct at Leith Agency, 1/3 Canon St., Canonmills (behind Esso garage). Organised by Homeless not Helpless.

ACE, 17 W.Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA. 0131 557 6242 ace 'at' Open Tues 12-4 & Sun 2-6pm

Meetings 1st Wed every month 7.30pm at ACE