Introduction to ACE



OUR HISTORY Members of the ACE collective ran the Unemployed Workers' Centre on Broughton Street as a campaigning and social space until being forcibly evicted on Dec. 1st, 1994. Despite a long lack of premises, the members of the group continued to meet and give support to a variety of campaigns, not limited to: claimants' rights and advice, picketing against McDonald's, rallying against the state execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal on death row in Pennsylvania, and physically defending Pollok Free State from the M77 motorway. In February of '97, ACE found its "Centre" at 17 West Montgomery Place.

NOW! ACE provides a physical space and resources for local, independent campaign groups and people... and encourages individuals to take direct control over their lives by working collectively against social and ecological injustice. We provide computer, E mail and internet access, with help/informal training if needed, space for meetings and classes, and support and advice for those new to the world of campaigns. ACE is a base for several groups and projects, including: the Autonomous Women of Edinburgh, Angry Youth, Edinburgh Claimants, Edinburgh Animal Rights, the Mutiny Collective, an info-shop and library of radical literature, socio-political events like video nights or visits from key world activists, and advice and solidarity on poll/council tax or benefit harassment.

GET INVOLVED!! Projects are being organised, campaigns are under way, events are coming up and your ideas and help are needed. We have a phone tree and mailings for people who want to stay in tune with radical D.I.Y. events and info.


ACE is not a centrally organised, narrow minded political party, vanguard, or faction.. nor a single issue pressure group. The activities of the collective spring directly from the interests and motivations of those involved. We support non-electoral grassroots projects that work to improve the freedom and quality of life for all. We believe that the many struggles for justice need to draw together to create one fight against the whole system of exploitation. Fundamental, revolutionary change is needed. We do not look to politicians, bureaucrats, or bosses for solutions... We realise that only by working together against exploitation, domination, and hierarchy can we build a free stateless world where people co-operate as equals and hold the planet in common.


More and more groups working for social change are realising the necessity of forging solidarity across a broad sprectrum of struggles.

ACE collective members have always supported such a multi-issued approach to activism...

..from Reclaim the Streets eco-activists and the 500 striking Liverpool dockers cooperating in the Reclaim the Future movement.. workers and the unemployed joining forces to fight for their needs solidarity demos and pickets supporting the posties, imprisoned activists, and London tube workers.. international environmental actions against nuclear testing co-ordinated international action - such as 18 June 1999 - which seeks to challenge the global capitalist system the Womens and Gay Liberation Movements creating an alternative to stereotyped and oppressive gender roles young people resisting the authoritarian school system local groups (as diverse as anti-nuclear, animal rights, anti racist, anti-fascist, and those protecting our few last green spaces and woodlands) learning from each others' experiences and networking


Why not join the fight for a better world?

The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, EDINBURGH EH7 5HA, Scotland. 0131 557 6242.