The ACE Library

The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh has a library of all sorts of periodicals from a wide range of groups, dating from the 1960's onwards. This is accessible to everyone who comes into our Info Shop.

We would like to increase our range of stock and fill the gaps in our collection. To this end we would be very grateful if you could send us copies of the publications you can supply, including of course any newsletters, magazines, etc you have published. We are also happy to exchange copies of duplicate publications we have.

If you currently produce a magazine could you send a complimentary copy of each issue for our library (if you don't do so already). In return we would be happy to put you on the ACE mailing list, to receive the ACE news-sheet Information is Strength and keep you informed of developments with the library and other aspects of ACE.

Send contributions to The Libarian; ACE; 17, West Montgomery Place; Edinburgh; EH7 5HA. If you wish to go on our mailing list, please say.

Here is a incomplete list of what we catalogued before 
The future of the archive of magazines is being considered. 

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