Ways to help the Autonomous Centre


-donate money to help cover rent, and other fixed costs including the phone, rates, insurance. Promised regular donations help us plan ahead. Also we may be able to increase the value of these donations to us with no extra cost to you.

-donate stationary- stamps, pens, pencils, envelopes, scissors, anything.

-donate wallpaper paste, paint, tools.

-donate items to be used as prizes in raffles such as bottles of whisky or precious jewels

Put up posters and place flyers advertising the ACE INFO SHOP and ACE events.

INFO IS STRENGTH is a collaborative effort, keep us informed of news/events. We can always use graphics and artwork for Info/Strength or posters and flyers. Or design flyers that concern you (if you'd like to do it on the computer, you can use ours.. we'll show you how.)

Spend time at the centre when it is open (even if just an hour- no experience necessary) Having two people in the Centre during open hours allows us to be more hospitable. The centre can only maintain its opening hours if enough people can cover the time. (Claimants Tues 12 - 4pm & Info Shop Sundays 2 - 6pm)

Buy an ACE benefit t-shirt and wear it with pride: They're only 4 (6 solidarity price)

Buy the video of Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin speaking in Edinburgh about the black struggle (five pounds inc. p+p) Pass it on and publicise it.

Tell groups who may be able to use the centre about it. We offer a great meeting place with access to many useful resources. The more groups that use ACE the more its future is secure. Groups also cross fertilize. Groups can use ACE as a c/o address

Groups that use ACE will be expected to contribute to ACE's running costs based on usage and ability to pay.

Or if you REALLY want to get involved: Call in on first Wednesday evenings of the month when we have our monthly meetings, 7.30pm onwards.


One of main things we're doing just now is opposing the New Deal compulsory slave labour scheme. Some things you can do :

This text, taken from a copy of info is strength 1997 but modified 2000 (e.g. Project Work to New Deal)

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