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Films at Forest Cafe, Westport

A701 Protest Camp


The camp is in Bilston woods; if you get the bus to Bilston from Edinburgh (36 or 37), the footpath to Bilston woods is near the bus stop, (opposite a VW car dealership ) go through the gate, the path leads past a field on the right and takes you towards the woods - the camp is by the bridge.


7.30pm 1st wed of Month at ACE.

All interested are welcome.

ACE is open Tuesdays 1-4pm and Sundays 2-6pm (but ring first if coming a long way)

Events (at ACE and nearby)

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The Edinburgh Claimants Union meets every month. Ring for details or pop in any Tuesday 12 -4 pm

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Reshape Urban Space

FnM: Street Party (July 14th 2001) and gathering at Studio 24 (21st and 22ndJuly 2001)

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