Mouth events

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July

From 11am – 5pm on both days, the following will run continuously:

* OPEN DISCUSSION SPACE - quite simply a big ongoing discussion, potentially about any topic but always with our complete liberation in mind. Like a big pub debate but with a facilitator (help wanted) and hopefully with less references to best mates.

* ART SPACE - A space to let your creativity explode. We’re not only creating possibilities, we’re also creating art.

* VIDEO AREA - unremarkably, this is where various films will be shown. Everything from street fighting to androgyny.

There will also be a bar serving various refreshments and the excellent playbus- a free, professionally run crèche (please book now).

Then there are the various workshops, talks and discussions. These cover a huge range of topics and we hope everyone will find something of interest. Unfortunately, some of the items previously advertised are no longer taking place but they have been replaced with other speakers and events which we hope will be popular. The provisional programme is as follows (items last for approximately one hour unless otherwise stated):


* STREET PARTY DEBRIEF - a chance to discuss last Saturday’s events, what was good, what wasn’t, and where we go from here. Come along, say your piece and get involved in future activity.
* COUNTER INFORMATION - Presented by someone with a close involvement in the long running alternative news-sheet Counter Information.
* SOLIDARITY FEDERATION - Down the Local: anarcho-syndicalism in the community
* GENDER WORKSHOP - Details to be confirmed.

13.00 – 15.00
* WHAT CAN WE DO IN OUR NEIGHBOURHOODS, TO CHANGE THE WORLD? A forum on the subject of community action. Dave Morris is a London anarchist, active in community struggles, and with experience of organising in the Claimants Union, the anti-poll tax campaign and as a defendant in the notorious ‘McLibel' case. He will be talking about building community organisations and taking local action against oppression and exploitation with the ultimate aim of radically transforming society. Dave will be joined at this meeting by a speaker from the ‘Save Govanhill Pool Campaign’. For nearly four months now the remarkable community opposition to the attempted closure of Govanhill swimming pool has gathered momentum to form an exceptional and unfinished story of resistance.

* SEXUALITY - Sexuality is often represented as non-political because it is either a personal issue or naturally determined. Here, a local sexuality activist and educator will deal with sex as a mainstream political issue.
* FUN GUERRILLA - An examination of the basic principles of pranks, hoaxes and buffoonery mainly in the German revolutionary left from the 1960s to the present day. Elaboration of the theory and aims of ‘fun guerrilla’ actions and thoughts on developing such activities in British revolutionary politics.
* RISING TIDE - Taking action against the root causes of climate change. An informal get together for those interested in getting involved in local activity. Also a bit of a debrief following Friday's critical mass cycle ride.

15.30 – 17.00
- North Edinburgh Refugees Welcome Here Campaign: A local campaign group set up to support refugees and to counter the lies and misinformation which have been promoted by politicians, the media and other racist groups.
- Gartocher Residents: For years the residents of Gartocher Terrace (a street in Glasgow) have successfully opposed a toxic waste dump that a developer had hoped to construct at the end of their street. During their struggle they have opposed the developer but also Strathclyde police and the local council and now look to have won. A remarkable story.
- Save Govanhill Pool Campaign: Details above.
- Dave Morris- Details above.

16.00 – 17.00
* FASLANE PEACE CAMP - Activists from the world famous protest camp situated outside Faslane Naval Base, will present a workshop on life at the camp and their various campaigns.
* PRISONER SOLIDARITY - They are inside for us, we are out here for them. A workshop devoted to examining tactics and developing networks for supporting the incarcerated. While there is a soul in prison, then none of us are free.

EVENING - There is a social night planned and this should be a great opportunity to get to know each other and have a pint. It’s at the Communication Workers’ Union, on 15 Brunswick Street and it’s from 8pm until late.




13.00 – 15.00



15.00 – 17.00


EVENING - The downstairs bar at Studio 24 will be available to us if we have the energy to carry on our discussions over a few pints.


Professional Playbus Crèche provided which must be booked in advance for each session (11 - 1.45, 2.15 - 5 both days), more details on request.

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