Foot and Mouth Edinburgh 2001

A Festival of Resistance and Revolution

- What's that all about then?

Last year saw over one thousand people take to Edinburgh's streets one sunny summer's day, not for some "cause" or feeling of obligation but because they wanted to party - something not usually permitted unless someone makes money out of it.

This summer two consecutive weekends in July have been earmarked to bring all sorts of people together to interact in a similar free way. This will be an opportunity to look at the possibility of changing society fundamentally, not just in Edinburgh or Scotland but all around the world, through a whole variety of events, workshops and activities.


- Changing society? What kind of change?

That's what we are getting together to sort out! But basically we are talking about change brought about by ordinary people taking action into their own hands. This means without resorting to or using parliament, politicians or political parties. We don't need bosses/cops/priests of any kind.


- But why change society?

To create a radically different world - one we are not driven by the scramble fo profit and power or the sickening inequalities we see everyday. This means no discrimination because of "race", gender, country/language, age or ability. A world not for the few but the many.


- That's all good and well but why should I come along?

To meet people, join in activities, learn and have a laugh.

These are things we are not encouraged or even allowed to do at work, in school or college and that we can't buy prepacked off a shelf.


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