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The Foot & Mouth festival takes place in Edinburgh on two consecutive weekends in July. The second weekend has been designed to coincide with the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy. The G8 summit is a meeting of government bigwigs from the most powerful nations in the world, it isn't very exciting. What is exciting is that hundreds of thousands of pissed off people will take to the streets of Genoa to oppose a meeting which represents how the world is currently being run.

So, is Foot & Mouth 'anti-capitalist'? Yes, certainly, but then it is so much more. Foot & Mouth is definitely not a protest. Foot & Mouth might recognise all that is wrong with bosses, governments and bigots, but it's not about any of them; it's about us creating infinite possibilities. It's a defiant celebration of our possibilities and our ability and intent to realise them. Foot & Mouth is about doing things for ourselves, in all our collective diversity.

So is Foot & Mouth 'Direct Action'? Yes, definitely, but then it is so much more. It is about us sharing our visions of the future, it's a step towards making our desires reality.

So, Foot & Mouth is political? Perhaps, but not in any traditional way. A political party at Foot & Mouth involves drums, alcohol and reclaiming a street. Foot & Mouth is about having a laugh and kicking back against the crap. It's informal, light hearted and jokey, yet always completely serious. It's about us getting together, sharing our ideas, our dreams and our beer, but always with our complete liberation in mind.

We are more possible than they can powerfully imagine!

Get involved. Foot & Mouth demands your participation, in the planning or on the days. At Foot & Mouth events we'll try to lose the distinction between those who have organised the events throughout the year and those who are contributing at the two weekends, we will all be active, we will all work together to create possibilities.

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If you're looking for something about Foot & Mouth as in the mild, non-fatal illness animals get then:

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