Harold Thomson

U.S. class struggle anarchist prisoner Harold Thompson is having a rough time at the moment. Due to a corrupt prison librarian official working hand in glove with White Aryan Brotherhood scum, Harold has been brutally assaulted, robbed and placed in segregation for his 'own safety'. Because of his work as prison house lawyer, officials seem to be colluding with white supremacists to halt his good work.If you can please write protesting (civilly) to : Warden Jack Morgan, Turney Centre Industrial Prison, Route 1, Only, Tennessee 37140-9709, USA, in order that Harold might get a transfer avoiding further White Aryan Brotherhood victimisation. You can write to Harold at the same address.


Send letters of support to:

Harold H. Thompson, #93992

Hubert Johnson, #237569

Turney Center Industrial Prison

Route 1 Only,

TN 37140


Cell Law


Raze the Walls have issued a collection of correspondence with Harold H. Thompson, which they believe shows one should be wary of supporting Harold. The document is certainly raises doubts. See links page for Raze the Walls contact info.