Double Celling Lawsuit Update

The year old lawsuit filed by anarchist prisoner Harold H. Thompson and jailhouse lawyer Hubert Johnson confronting double celling at Turney Center Industrial Prison continues in legal limbo in the court in which it was filed. Neither plaintiff has ever seen any other lawsuit lie dormant this long without an order scheduling discovery or a dismissal order, one or the other. The State had filed for a summary dismissal of the case as they claimed there was a lack of evidence and that the plaintiffs, Harold and Hubert, were unfit to represent Turney Center prisoners as a class. The plaintiffs have decided to file a motion for a temporary restraining order in hope of prompting the lawsuit to activity. Harold and Hubert have also replied with affidavits from Turney Center prisoners, articles from the prison newspaper on the double-celling and its negative effects (which were subject to the Warden's approval before printing), as well as legal precedent for why the case should be tried. The plaintiffs also listed violent offenses that had arisen since the beginning of the double celling efforts; including two cases of inmates attacking their cell partners after being doubled up. Hubert's attorney license from New Jersey was also cited as proof of the plaintiffs' ability to prosecute the case against the State.

Please call Tennessee Department of Corrections Commissioner Donal Campbell at (615) 741-2071 to let him know that the word is out on double celling and demand that it be stopped immediately.

Send letters of support to:

Harold H. Thompson, #93992

Hubert Johnson, #237569

Turney Center Industrial Prison

Route 1 Only,

TN 37140


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