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On 3rd April, next S26 trial took place in Prague. Two Spanish guys accused of "hooligenism" and "property destroy", Salvador Azcon and Miguel Oliv, were both sentenced to the expatriations for two years (without their presence at the trial). The judge said "with no doubt they threw stones to the windows of the Interbank on Vaclavske namesti. They cause 4.800 Kc (about $125) damage by it."

There are some other trial as well. K.Olejnik still face trial in Poland. Two Czech guys received suspended sentence for "attack against policemen." And a lot of trials are going to take place.

It seemed that everything would be OK, when Dane guy Mads Traerup was set free in the beginning of February. But now the situation gets much more worst and repression increases rapidly.

source: Anarchist Black Cross attached to CSAF /Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation/

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March 8th: David S was convicted by the court, for allegedly attacking the policemen during S26 events. The court convicted him to 400 hours of public work. The hearing with his brother, who is also accused of attacking policemen during S26, will be in the forthcoming future.

Source: Dan Novak, ORAS

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Freed s26 prisoners please email s26prisoners@yahoo.com with some contact information; (PGP key). This address is not a listserve but a normal address run by a freed prisoner who is manually helping freed s26 prisoners keep in touch with each other by maintaining a list of contact details for prisoners which is only passed to other freed s26 prisoners. The list will not be given out to anyone else but messages may be passed on.

or ask freed prisoners not online to phone 0044 131 557 6242 and leave message, with number to get back to them.

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All prisoners now released, some on bail with trials to come.
The last was released after 71 days. 1.02.2001 Mads Thordal Traerup the 18 year old Dane was freed of all charges in the prague city court.
It was really great! The prosecutor recommended 2 years in jail or 500 000 kc as a fine and being banned from Czech Republic for ever. The 3 judges did not agree and cleared him of all charges.

3 policemen testified. their testimonies varied and they could not identify him positively. The prosecutor will think about appealing the case. Another Dane did not come to his courtcase which was to be held together with Mads'. The prosecutor wanted the cases to be treated as one. But they decided to ahead with Mads' case anywa Over the next weeks there will be more court cases in Prague.

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