From: "Anarchist black cross"

Czech, Zlin: Three antifascist sentenced! Solidarity needed now (Mon, 8 Jan 2001 )

Today, three of nine accused antifascist have been sentenced. One of them, Vladimir Futak, active anarchist and antifascist, member of CSAF, has been suspended sentenced to 4 years with 3 years deferment. Other two guys has given 3 years with 2 years deferment. Rest has been set at liberty, including David Srott (member of FSA-MAP). Vladimir Futak signed up to police as vouch, because he could testify alibi of David Srott. He was accused without any proof, only because neonazist branded him as one of the aggressor. It's clear that this sentence is just precaution of Czech state against active anarchist. It has to baffle his politic activity - he could be sent to prison for whatever now. He has got a biggest penalty without proof because of his active anarchist work. He will serve a notice of appeal soon so solidarity is needed. General info: On 3 April 1998 a several neonazis was attacked in small Czech town Zlin. The incident happened near to the railway station. One of the fascists was wounded and the rest managed to escape. The wounded one was treated with fracture of both hands and the laceration on his head. The aggressors disappear. Police arrested a group of 9 antifascists and SHARP skinheads, which was getting on the bus flitting away from Zlin. The arrested was spending whole night in the police station, where policeman threated someone of them by physical attack. Then the antifascists was accused from "battery in organise group with ideological reason" and "brawlery" with 3 - 10 years penal servitude. Antifascist was arrested only because they were on bad place in bad time and because they had some weapons, which could be brought without restraint by Czech law. Attacked neonazis of course supported police version and beared testimony to accused antifascist in spite of one of the antifascist, David Srott (present member of Federation of social anarchist - FSA-MAP), one of the most active antifascist in eastern part of the Czech republic, can't be on the place of the attack. The cream of cooperating fascist with police was accuse of one of witness, Vladimir Futak (member of Czechoslovak anarchist federation - CSAF), very active anarchist and antifascist. He went to police to bear witness an alibi of David Srott and fascist branded him as one of the aggressor. Fascist of course were concerned on his accuse because then they could destroyed his witness and also because he has been well-known anarchist and antifascist. All witness for the prosecution in this cause are active neonazis. Most of them was taken legal proceedings because of racist attacks. One of vouches is in prison now because he killed the homosexual. Whole case is just the endeavour of Czech state to suppress the active political opponents. Two of them are active anarchists. We can say that, for example three of vouches said at the court that they had predicate under pressure. Case lasted more than two years and has fifteen trials.

What you could do:

1) Send a protest letters, faxes and e-mails to your local embassies and following addresses, numbers and e-mail boxes:

President Havel KANCELAR PREZIDENTA REPUBLIKY PRAZSKY HRAD PRAHA 1 119 08 FAX : 02/ 24 37 33 00 E-MAIL: Ministry of the Justice MINISTERSTVO SPRAVEDLNOSTI VYSEHRADSKA 16 PRAHA 2 128 00 FAX : 02/ 24 91 99 27 E-MAIL: Ministry of the Interior MINISTERSTVO VNITRA NAD STOLOU 3 PRAHA 7 - LETNA 170 34 E-MAIL: FAX : 02/ 24 22 60 68

********** Example of protest letter (translation following):

Vazeny pane, dne 8.1.2001 doslo u Zlinskeho soudu k vyneseni rozsudku nad tremi antifasisty obvinenymi z ublizeni na zdravi v organizovane skupině s ideologickym podtextem" a z "vytrznictvi. Povazujeme za naprosto neprijatelne, ze vetsina svedku obzaloby v tomto pripade jsou aktivni neonaciste a několik z nich jiz bylo v minulosti souzeno za rasove motivovane trestne ciny. Jeden z nich je dokonce v soucasne době ve vykonu trestu za vrazdu homosexuala. Jde tudiz o nanejvys mozne zaujate svedky, protoze odsouzeni jsou dobre znami svymi antifasistickymi postoji. Alarmujici je tez to, ze antifasistum jsou za pouhe ublizeni na zdravi udelovany vysoke tresty, zatimco neonaciste odchazeji od soudu bez trestu za rasove motivovane vrazdy. Pozadujeme osvobozeni vsech odsouzenych v plnem rozsahu.


Dear sir, on 8 January 2001 Zlin's court sentenced on 3 antifascist accused from "battery in organise group with ideological reason" and "brawlery." It's unacceptable that majority of witness for the prosecution in this case are active neonazis and some of them was been sentenced for racist attack. One of them is in prison now because he killed the homosexual. It's clear that they are biased against sentenced, because they are well-known by their antofascist attitude. Also it's exhorting that antifascist are being suspended sending to prison for several years while neonazis accused from racist murders are being letting. We demand setting at liberty of all accused.



If you send the e-mails, send copy to , please. If you send fax or letter and if it's possible for you, give us an e-mail to , please.

2) Organise demonstrations, pickets or other actions in front of Czech embassies or other important buildings.

If you make demonstration or other action for Zlin ten give us an e-mail to , please.

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