Taking Liberties- International ABC NEWS May 98

ITALY Dozens of anarchists have been arrested or imprisoned since 95 due to the underhand efforts of a public prosecutor named Marini who's been attempting to jail as many anarchists as possible (who he particularly hates) before he retires. Marini has even gone so far as to create his own evidence in the form of a totally fictitious 'International anarchist terrorist organisation' he's calling O.R.A.I. in order to frame well known militants for a variety of unsolved crimes and acts of sabotage which happened since the 80's large antinuclear struggle in Italy. The latest news is that the following prisoners have now been released due to an 'irregularity in the judicial process': Alfredo Bonanno, Emma Sassosi, Salvatore Gugliara, Christina Lo Forte, Antonio Gizzo, Orlando Campo, Paulo Roberto and Giuseppe Stasi. Jean Weir is out but under home arrest. In France Massimo Passamani has also been released. There will be a trial of other anarchists implicated in the Marini frame-up in Rome later this year. For up-dated info. contact :

Huddersfield ABC or Centro Documentazione,

Asilo Occupato,

V.Alessandria 12,

10152 Torino,

Italy. SPAIN

On 18th of December 96, four Italian anarchists (trying to raise financial support for imprisoned anarchists in Italy- see above) attempted a bank hold-up in Cordoba (Southern Spain). As the four were about to make their escape from the bank a security guard tried to stop them. They unarmed him and took him hostage to ensure their safety, leaving by car. Later a shoot-out began between the anarchists and a police ambush. At the moment that the anarchists had to stop their car the police opened fire, badly wounding the hostage and 3 of the anarchists who try to defend themselves by shooting back. Two policewomen were killed but the anarchists were arrested and badly beaten up leaving one of them (Giorgio Eduardo) physically disabled. Since then they've been in the most repressive Spanish prisons where they have to suffer cell raids, total isolation and often torture and beatings by guards. One of the four (Michele) recently transferred to a 'normal' category prison. Their trial will be in May/June 98. They are also being charged with 3 other bank robberies in Spain. You can send moral support to these prisoners by writing to: Michele Pontolillo- Apdo de Correos 33271 Gijon Villabona, Asturias, Spain Giorgio Eduardo Rodriguez- Centro Penitenciario de Badajoz km 7.300, 06061 Badajoz, Spain Giovanni Barcia & Claudio Lavazza-Prison provincial de Jaen II, Carrettera Bailen/Motril km28, 23080 Jaen, Spain TURKEY Osman Murat Ulke ( Ossi) is a Turkish anarchist, consciencious objector and an active member of the War Resistors of Izmir (ISKD). In 1996 he refused to do his military service and was arrested by the Turkish Military Court. After being in prison for a few months and going on hunger strike he was released due to a successful protest campaign both inside and outside Turkey. Unfortunately 4 months later he was arrested again and sentenced to 10 months for 'desertion', 'repeated disobedience' and 'discouraging people from military service'. The courts are now trying to jail him for up to a further 16 years. The Turkish state, which is still at war against the Kurdish people, sees people like Ossi as a threat. They tried to prevent the spread of his actions by imprisoning him but already Ossi's actions have become an alternative model in the eyes of young people in Turkey who are also under the threat of compulsory military service. We ask you to support Ossi by contacting the Turkish authorities demanding his release. The Turkish Consulate- Rutland Lodge, Rutland Gardens, Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1BW Send angry faxes to the following: Prime Minister of Turkey- +90 312 418 5341 Minister of Justice- + 90 312 417 0476 Ministry of Defence- +90 312 324 4627 Ministry of Interior- +90 312 318 1795 Send words of support to: Osman Murat Ulke-1 Taktik Hava Kuvvtieri Komuntanligi, Askeri Cezaevi, 3 Kogug, Eskisehir, Turkey. For more info contact: ZAK-c/o PO Box 2474, London N8. (ask for their free newsbulletin Firari) Tel/Fax: 0181-374-5027. e.mail-hcalba@essex.ac.uk

SPAIN SUPPORT LIBERTARIAN PRISONER RAFAEL BALLARIN Rafael Ballarin Bergua (known as Rafa) is from a small town in Northern Spain and has no criminal record. On 1.12.96, while walking through Madrid, Rafa and his girlfriend were brutally attacked by a gang of 7 neo-nazi's. They were both knocked to the floor under a hail of blows from chains, sticks and boots. Under this assault Rafa pulled out a small knife and tried to defend them both with it. Rafa stabbed one of the attackers, who died instantly. After this Rafa and his girlfriend managed to run away. Three days later Rafa was arrested and put in prison. Press coverage of the incident was limited to the police version of events where Rafa was described as a 'dangerous punk' who without reason, attacked some 'helpless students', reducing the whole incident to a weekend fight. In fact this is not true at all, these 'young students' are in fact an ultra-fascist group and some have criminal records for similar attacks. The mortal wound that killed one of Rafa's attackers was only 1cm deep, which shows that Rafa didn't intend to kill anyone. We consider that in this situation Rafa had the legitimate right to defend himself and should be released and completely acquitted at his trial which is due to take place this summer. We ask for people to support Rafa by sending him messages of solidarity to: Rafael Ballarin Bergua- C.P. Madrid III, Carretera Pinto-S.Martin de la Vega km.5., Valdemoro 28.340 (Madrid) Spain (Rafa only speaks Spanish) For more information and copies of a petition we are circulating to demand the release of Rafa please contact: Madrid ABC - Paseo de Alberto Palacios, N. 2, 28021 Madrid, Spain. Huddersfield AB C -PO Box 381, Huddersfield, HD13XX, U.K. POLAND As reported in previous issues of Taking Liberties, 5 people were convicted last year for the death of a neo-nazi during a confrontation between neo-nazi gangs and local youth of Rodomsko who had got together to do something about these antisocial gangs which had been terrorising them while the local authorities turned a blind eye. We are pleased to hear that 4 of the 5 have now been released although one is still in prison doing 15 years for murder. You can send letters of support to him at: Tomaz Wilkoszewski - Zaktad Karny, Ul. Ciupagi 1, 03-016 Warsaw, Poland The Australian ABC have produced an excellent compilation CD benefit for American Indian Movement Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier. The CD titled ' In the Spirit of Total Resistance' comes with a booklet and poster. In the U.K. it is available from Huddersfield ABC and costs £7(postage paid).

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