ABC Prisoner List
(out of date, treat as archive)


Anarchist Black Cross- International Prisoners list- 98

This list includes International prisoners the ABC supports and is regularly in contact with and prisoners supported by other groups similar to the ABC around the world. We have also included addresses of these prisoner support groups. This list is regularly updated and added to, so please send us news of prisoners, their name, prison number, address and some information about them to the address below. We are also interested in news from prisoners. If you would like further information on any of the prisoners in this list either write to the prisoner concerned, the ABC or the prisoners' support group if there is one. If you havn't written to someone in prison before and are not sure about what to write/how to go about it you will find our following advice leaflets useful:'Notes on writing to prisoners' and 'Practical support for prisoners'. Please write to us for copies of these. We also regularly publish a separate list of prisoners in Britain which we support. Send an sae for a copy to:




ABC/Ainriail - PO Box 505 Belfast, N.Ireland

IRISH POLITICAL PRISONERS -There are approximately 500 Irish political prisoners being held in Irish, British and U.S. prisons. For more information contact the following:

Fuascailt -PO Box 3923, London NW5 1RA, England. (Tel:0181 985 8250)


Apache - c/o PADI- BP 232, 75624, Paris Cedex 13 - Anarchist magazine (in French) prints info. about prisoners/prison resistance.

La Commission Prison Repression (CPR)- c/o CDR, BP 163,75463 Paris Cedex 10

* MASSIMO PASSAMANI - Maison d'arret, 42 Rue de la Sante, F-75674 Paris Cedex 14

- Anarchist, arrested as repression of Italian anarchists extends to France & Spain


A.P.A.P.C. -BP 6, SAINT-GILLES 1, 1060 BRUXELLES, BELGIUM -supports the imprisoned members of

Combatant Communist Cells (C.C.C.)

ABC GENT -Postbus 244, 9000 Gent (don't write 'ABC' on envelope)


* PABLO SERRANO - Prison De Torrero, Av. America 80, 50007 Zaragoza -Anarchist prisoner, convicted of 'political murder' and bombings in 1984. Has along history of activism inside Spanish prisons, involvement in hunger strikes etc. Recently granted limited home leave. For further information about Pablo contact:

S.O.L. -Apdo. De Correos, 50080, Zaragoza

* RAFAEL BALLARIN BERGUA - Centro Penitenciario Madrid III, Carretera Pinto-S.Martin de la Vega km 5, Valdemoro 28.340 (Madrid) -Libertarian, killed a nazi skinhead in self defence. Contact Madrid ABC for info.

* MANUEL GUTIÉRREZ HORMIGA, Anarchist (freed 28th Sept)


* MICHELE PONTOLILLO-Centro Penitenciario, Carretera de Olivenza Km.730, 06080 Badajoz

* GIOVANNI BARCIA - Centro Penitenciario, Carretera Bailen/Motril Km.8, 23080 Jaen

* CLAUDIO LAVASSA- (same as above)-captured with the 2 anarchists above after bank robbery in Santander Dec.96. Police also connect them to recent attack (in solidarity with Italian prisoners) on Italian consulate in Malaga. (see page 4 for Italian prisoners)

ABC- Paseo de Alberto Palacios, n.'2, 28021 Madrid

K.A.P. -Calle De La Cera 1, BIS, 08001, Barcelona -anti-prison collective

AFAPP.-Apdo. 415, 33.280 Gijon (Asturias) -supports GRAPO & PCE(r) political prisoners

C.A.M.P.I. -Chino/El Lokal, Calle De La Cera 1, BIS, 08001 Barcelona, Spain -Supports 'Insumission' prisoners,100's of people have been annually imprisoned in Spain for refusing to do military service.

Lima Collective-Apdo 1.230, 26080 Logrono, La Rioja -prisoner support




* ADERITO SOARES NETO-n 364 Ala B, Est. Prisional do Linho, 2710 Sintra- anarchist

C.A.P. - Apartado 40, 2801 Almada Codex -Anarchist prisoner support group



* SPYROS DAPERGOLAS - 3 Pteryga, Dikastikes Fylakes, Korydallou, Athens- 7 years, 8 months for

failed bank robbery in 95, an editor of ALFA (see below), staged long hunger striked before trial.

* KOSTAS KALEREMAS - (same as Spyros- see above)-11 yrs for bank expropriation- anarchist

The following groups support imprisoned Greek anarchists. Contact them for up-to-date info.

CAGSSMA (Collaboration of Anarchist Groups for Social Solidarity and Multiform Action):

-PO Box 30557,10033 Athens -produces 'A-News'-bulletin in English

ALFA -PO Box 31809, Athens 10035 ( - anarchist newspaper with prisoner info.



*PAVEL KROUPA - 4.3.1977, Veznice Vazba, Straz Pod Ralskem, 47127 -Anti-fascist activist recently jailed and charged with murder. Pavel was attacked by 5 fascist skinheads. He defended himself and consequently one fascist died. Czech comrades are appealing for financial support to help pay for Pavel's defence. If found guilty he could face life in prison. Send support to:

Benefit Support -Ivana Vranova, Bohunicka 19, 60000 Brno (Tel. Borek-09425/339895)

Czech. Anarchist Federation- PO Box 5, 15006 Prague 56



(ACK-Anarchistyczny Czarny Krzyz = ABC-Anarchist Black Cross)

ACK -Krakow -ul.Gontyna 1/2, 30-203 Krakow

ACK Warszawa -Komitet Obrony Represjonowanych, skr.poczt.71, 01-125 Warszawa 102

ACK Opole -Grupa Inicjatyw Spolecznych, skr. poczt.1457, 45-716 Opole 7

ACK Poznan - Kolekyw 'Rozbrat',skr. poczt.5, 61-966 Poznan 31

ACK Zielona Gora -'Red Rat', skr.poczt.39, 65-182 Zielona Gora 5

ACK Sosnowiec -Grupa Aktywnosci Spolecznej ,c/o; K.Olszewski, skr.poczt .43,41-219 Sosnowiec

ACK Slupsk -Kolektyw 'Aktywnosc Spoleczna', skr. poczt .65, 76-200 Slupsk 12

ACK Bogotynia -sekcja FA, c/o Arkadiusz Lipin ,ul. Chopina 16/15, 59-920 Bogotynia

ACK Trojmiasto -'Czarna Fala', skr. poczt. 21, 81-040 Gdynia 25


* TOMASZ WILKOSZEWSKI -Zaktad Karny,Ul.Ciupagi 1, 03-016 Warsaw - anti-fascist Sentenced to 15 years for the death of a fascist, killed during a confrontation


There are literally 1000's of Kurdish and Turkish political prisoners contact the following for more info:

Ates Hirsizi (Fire Thief) -Piyerloti Cad, Dostlukyurdu sok, Selimbey Ishani No:8 Bodrumkat, Cemberlitas- Istanbul - anarchist magazine- written in several languages inc. English

* OSMAN MURAT ULKE- 1 Taktik Hava Kuuvvtieri Komuntanligi, Askeri Cezaevi, 3 Kogug, Eskisehir- anarchist in prison for repeated refusal to do military service. For more info contact: I.S.K.D. -1468 Sokak , No14, Alsancak - Izmir

Kurdistan Information Centre -10 Glasshouse Yard, London, EC1A 4JN, (England) -Tel.0171 2501315

* SALIH ASKEROGUL - Lefkossa Central Prison, Lefkossa Kibris, via Mersin 10 - Sentenced to 3 years, 3 months for anti-military propaganda and refusing his call-up for National Service


Solidaritatskomitee Italien- c/o Infoladen, Breisacherstr.12, 81667 Munchen (Fax:+49-89-480 2006 )

- Produces ' Breakout' magazine 'regarding anarchists in Italy and elsewhere' (in English or German)


R U S S I A - Laure Akai-PO Box 500, Moscow 107 061(


S W I T Z E R L A N D - Briefe aus geschlossenen Orten-c/o Infoladen Sowieso, Lindenberg 23,

CH-4058 Basel (Fax:=41-61-681 1500-EMail: Web:


S W E D E N - ABC (ASH) -Box 4081, 102 62 Stockholm


F I N L A N D - ABC - PO Box 37, 40251 Jyvaskyla


M A L T A - Graffitti- PO Box 24, Sliema - anarchist/ autonomist group does prisoner solidarity work


N E T H E R L A N D S - Infogruppe Schism-Postbus 85306, 3508 ALL Utrecht


A U S T R I A - LOM- Postlagernd, A-6024 Innsbruck




*EDOARDO MASSARI -Casa Circondariale, Corso Vercelli 165, 10015 Ivrea (TO) - Anarchist, serving a year and 8 months for alleged possession of explosives. Must also serve a further 7 months for 'outrage to the national flag

* FRANCO FIORINA -c/o Carcere San Michele, 15040, Alessandria

Libertarian communist, Franco was arrested in 1983 after a shoot-out with police. He is accused of being a leader in the COLP (Organised Communists for the Liberation of the Proletariat)

* MARCO CAMENISCH -Via Sforzesca 49, 28100 Novara -Anarchist, serving 12 years in Italy for attempted murder (as a result of a shoot-out with police before his arrest), possession of explosives and weapons and explosive attacks against electricity pylons and TV signal repeaters. In the early 80's escaped from prison in Switzerland, with another 5 inmates, where he was serving a 10 year sentence for a dynamite attack against a hydroelectric plant. During the escape a prison guard was mortally wounded. Marco is now fighting against extradition to Switzerland, as well as fighting against the gulag-type conditions of Novara prison. Marco is supported by AAA-Case Postale 38,1000 Lausanne 9, (Switzerland)

* ANTONIO BUDINI - Via Prati Nuovi 7, 27058 Voghera (Pavia)

* JEAN WEIR - Via Bartolo Longo 92, 00156 (Rome)

* CARLO TESSERI - Via Leopardi 2, 61034 Fossombrone (Pesaro),

* CHRISTOS STRATIGOPULOS - Via Sforzesca 49, 28100 Novara

- Four anarchists already serving 3 years and 4 months each (4 for Carlo) for a bank robbery in 1994, they received an additional 6 years and 6 months (Carlo 7yrs) sentence for another alleged bank robbery, as part of the frame-up in progress against sections of the Italian anarchist movement.

* HORST FANTAZZINI - c/o Carcere San Michele, 15040 Alessandria -Accused of a long list of robberies, Horst has been in prison since 1967. Various more or less successful escape attempts, as well as his bitter struggles and resistance against prison conditions, have accounted for an accumulation of the charges he faces since then. Horst has been given a further 4 years recently for allegedly robbing a bank during a year of freedom he gained by not returning to prison at the end of a home leave in 90.

* ORLANDO CAMPO -Via Delle Macchie 9, 57100 Livorno -Despite a complete lack of evidence Orlando was sentenced to 22 years for allegedly participating in the kidnapping and eventual murder of a wealthy Italian businessman's' wife in 1990. Orlando and his co-defendants have always maintained their innocence of these charges. His sentence has been seen as the opening blow of a series of frame-ups of Italian anarchists in recent months.

* FRANCESCO PORCU -Via Della Montagna, Ponte della Toggia 50047(Prato)

* EMMA SASSOI - Via Bartolo Longo 92, 00156 (Rome)

* MARIA GRAZIA Filangeri 2, 20135 (Milano)

* ANTONIO GIZZO - Via R.Majetti 156,00156 (Rome)

* ALFREDO BONANNO -same as above

* PAOLO ROBERTO - same as above

* GIUSEPPE STASI - same as above

* GARAGIN GREGORIAN - same as above

Contact the following for more information about anarchist prisoners in Italy:

Centro Documentazione-Asilo Occupato, V.Alessandria 12, 10152 Torino

Solidaritatskomitee Italien - (look under Germany)



ABC Minneapolis - PO Box 7075, Minneapolis, MN. 55407-1354

ABC Chicago -P.O. Box 477118, Chicago, IL. 60647

ABC Claustrophobia -PO Box 1721, Baltimore, MD.21203-4203

(publish Claustrophobia newspaper and ABC discusion bulletin)

ABC New York - PO Box 1034, Mott Haven Sta., Bronx, NY 10454

(publish ABC Emergency Response Network newsletter -Resistance)

ABC New Jersey -PO Box 8532, Haledon, NJ.07508- 8532

ABC Jacksonville -3628 Park St.# 20, Jacksonville, FL 32205

ABC Lancaster -PO Box 891, Lancaster, PA.17608

ABC Athens -Rfd #1/PO Box 6025, Athens, ME. 04912

ABC Philly -4722 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA. 19143

ABC Orlando-Box 720418, Orlando, FL. 32872

Raze The Walls!- 2351 College Station Road, Box 523, Athens, GA.30605

(anarchist/anti-authoritarian prisoner support group)

Black Fist -15110 Bellaire, Box 317, Houston, TX. 77083

(revolutionary prisoner support group)

Black Autonomy -323 Broadway Ave.East, Box # 914, Seattle, WA.98102

(black anarchist paper with news of black political prisoners)

National Campaign to Stop Control Unit Prisons - 972 Broad St., 6th Floor,

Newark, NJ.07102

Committee to End Marion Lock Down -PO Box 578172, Chicago, IL. 60657- 8172

Campaign to Free Black Political Prisoners/POW's in the USA

- PO Box 339, Kingsbridge Sta, Bronx, NY. 100463-0339

Crossroad -1340 West Ervin Park Road, Suite 108, Chicago, IL. 60613

(newspaper with info/articles from black political prisoners/POW's)

Out of Control-3543- 18th St. #30, San Fransisco, CA 94110

(Lesbian Committe supports women political prisoners/POW's)

Coalition for the Abolition of Prisons -PO Box 201, Quakertown, PA 18951



MOVE is a mainly black, revolutionary/ecological group which started in the early 70's in Philadelphia. The group was and persecuted by the police and local state, for challenging and opposing them and exposing cop violence. The war against Move included the framing-up of 9 MOVE members on murder charges after the police laid siege to MOVE's HQ for a year, then attacked it in 1978 shooting one of their own officers in the process. The following MOVE members were given sentances of 30-100 years each. The repression culminated in the firebombing of a MOVE house in 1985, in which 11 people died and 61 surrounding houses were burnt out.


* DELBERT ORR AFRICA - #AM 4985, Drawer K, Dallas, PA.18612

* WILLIAM PHILIPS AFRICA - # AM 4984, (same as above)

* EDWARD GOODMAN AFRICA- # AM 4974, PO Box 200, Camp Hill, PA.17011-0200

* CHARLES SIMS AFRICA- # AM 4975, PO Box 244, Graterford, PA.19426-0244

* MICHAEL DAVIS AFRICA - # AM 4973, (same as above)

* DEBBIE SIMS AFRICA - # 006307, 451 Fullerton Ave., Cambridge Springs, PA.16403-1238

* JANINE PHILIPS AFRICA - # 006309 (same as above)

* MERLE AUSTIN AFRICA - # 006306 (same as above)

* JANET HOLLOWAY AFRICA- # 006308 (same as above)

* MUMIA ABU- JAMAL- # AM 8335, SCI Greene, 1040 E. Roy Furman Highway, Waynesburg, PA.15370-8090 -Former Black Panther, community activist and supporter of MOVE as well as an outspoken journalist. Framed in 1981 for the killing of a cop, Mumia has been on death-row since then. His execution was set for August 95, but stayed due to a massive international campaign. His life still hangs in the balance. Has recentlyhad several books published. For further info. contact: International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal -PO Box 19709, Philadelphia, PA. 19143 (phone/fax -215-476-8812)

* LEONARD PELTIER - #89637-132, Springfield Medical Center, 1900 West Sunshine, Box 4000, Springfield, MI. 65808.- American Indian Movement activist, convicted of the murder of two FBI agents killed in 1973 during an FBI invasion of a native american reservation. Targeted by the FBI as a 'subversive' they wanted put away, Leonard fled to Canada while two co-accused were acquitted in his absence. Fitted-up with 'evidence' forced out of 'witnesses'. For more info contact: Leonard Peltier Defense Committee - PO Box 583, Lawrence, KS. 66044.

* STANDING DEER - #640289, Ellis Unit 1, Huntsville, TX. 77343- Native American prison activist. Now in his mid 70's, Standing Deer has been in super-max prisons for over 20 years. In 1978 he exposed a government plot to assassinate Leonard Peltier. In 1984 he went on hunger strike for 42 days with Leonard and another prisoner, to draw attention to the repression and inhumane conditions endured by prisoners at Marion Control Unit. He is not eligible for parole and has no release date.

* LARRY GIDDINGS-# 10917-086, PO Box 1000, Lewisburg, PA.17837- Anti-authoritarian prisoner jailed in 1973 for attempted expropriation, paroled in 1978 then re-arrested in 79 while attempting to liberate a comrade from prison. Doing multiple sentences of life in prison and 75 years with no known parole opportunities.

* BILL DUNNE -#10916-086, Box 1000, Marion, IL.62959 - Anti-authoritarian sentenced to 90 years for the attempted liberation of a prisoner in 1979 (with Larry Giddings - above). Bill was recently transfered back to the infamous Marion Control Unit. In the past he was involved in the resistance against the regieme there and among the most active prisoners in Marion.

* SILVIA BARLADINI -#05125-054, FCI Danbury, CT.06811 -Veteran left activist, who fought against Vietnam war and in support of the Black Liberation and Puerto Rican independence movements. Convicted of liberating Black Liberation Army prisoner Assata Shakur and of conspiracy against U.S. Govt.. Serving 43 years. In bad health due to cancer, there is a campaign to get her paroled or transferred to her native Italy, contact:

Release Silvia -3543 18th Street, Box 30, San Francisco, CA.94110

* DAVID GILBERT -#83-A-6158, PO Box51, Comstock, NY12821-0051 -Spent 10 years in the Weather Underground Organisation, until capture in 1981 when a unit of the B.L.A. and allied white revolutionaries tried to expropriate a Brinks truck. A comrade, a guard and 2 cops were killed in the shoot-out. David was sentenced to 75 years-life .Inside he is active with education work on AIDS/HIV.


* KATHY BOUDIN -#894171, PO Box 1000, Bedford Hills, NY 10507-2486- Co-defendant of David Gilbert, Serving 20 years-life for attempted Brinks truck expropriation. For info. contact:

Friends of Kathy Boudin- PO Box 02003, Brooklyn, NY 11202


* OJORE N. LUTALO -# 59860, CN-861, M.C.U., Trenton, NJ. 49444 - Black liberation activist and anarchist. Jailed in 1975 for expropriation, paroled in 1980 but re-arrested in 1982 for an armed attack on a drug dealer. Sentenced to 20-40 years. Held in the Trenton Management Control Unit, where political prisoners are isolated by the authorities in their attempt at stopping the spread of radical ideas.


* MARK COOK -# 027100, B3-05, Washington State Reformatory, PO Box 777, Monroe,WA.98272 -0777

-Former Black Panther, Mark has been in jail for over 20 years as a result of actions (robberies for political funds and liberating prisoners) carried out by the armed left group the George Jackson Brigade. He is serving 2 life sentances plus 30 years. He is still inside because he refuses to abandon his revolutionary and anti-racist views. His co-defendant, Ed Mead was released in 1994 and is fighting for Mark's release. Contact: Mark Cook Freedom Committee- PO Box 85763, Seattle, WA.98145 -2763.


Three former Black Panthers amongst the longest held political prisoners in the U.S. Albert and Jalil were arrested for allegedly being involved in a shootout with San Fransisco police after the assassination of imprisoned comrade George Jackson (August 71) Later in 1973, with Herman, they were railroaded and convicted for the killing of 2 New York cops. (The prosecution withheld information and their key witness committed perjury)

* HERMAN BELL-# 79-C-262, PO Box 51, Comstock, NY. 12821

* ALBERT NUH WASHINGTON -#77-A- 1528, Box 2001, Dannemora, NY. 12929

* JALIL MUNTAQUIN (Bottom) -#77-A-4283, Box 339, Napanoch, NY. 12458


* SUNDIATA ACOLI - #39794-066, Box 3000, USP Allenwood, White Deer, PA. 17887. -Former Black Panther imprisoned in 1969 with 13 others (Panther 21 case), for 2 years without bail, until acquitted in 1971. Upon release, forced underground and joined Black Liberation Army due to police harassment. Sundiata was sentenced to life, plus 30 years for murder in 1973 after a police ambush, at which a comrade and a cop were killed. One of the longest serving political prisoners in the world, he has developed tuberculosis. Sundiata spent 8 years in the notorious Marion Control Unit until campaigners forced the authorities to transfer him. For more info contact: Sundiata Acoli Defence Campaign - PO Box 5538, Manhattanville Station, Harlem, NY.10027

* SEKOU ODINGA - # 05228-054, 3901 Klien Blvd., Lompoc, CA.93436 -Former Black Panther. Later involved in clandestine activities of the Black Liberation Army (for 12 years) until capture. Sentenced to 25-life for 'attempted murder of police' (shooting over his shoulder while being chased and shot at by police) and also a further 20 years for the liberation of comrade Assata Shakur and the expropriation of an armoured truck.


* SEKOU CINQUE T.M. KAMBUI (W.J.Turk) -# 113058-PO Box 5107(4-39) B.C.F., Union Springs, AL.36089

-Framed by police in 1975 for the murder of a KKK official and a multi-milionaire businessman. In both his trials witnesses were threatened by police, false testimony given and evidence manufactued. Throughout the 60's Sekou was an active member of several organisations including the Black Panther Party in Detroit, Republic of New Africa, Alabama Black Liberation Front, Black Liberation Army, Inmates for Action Defence Committee and the Afro-American People's Party. He is a successful jailhouse lawyer which has earned him the hatred of prison officials who have worked against Sekou's chances of getting parole for the past 11 years. For more info: Sekou Kambui Legal Defense/Support Committee-c/o Aysha Dejenaba Bey, 827 G. Tyler Circle, Hoover, AL 35226


* RUSSELL SHOATS-#AF-3855, SCI Greene, 1040 E.Roy Furman Highway, Waynesburg, PA 15370-8090

-Serving multiple life sentances since 1972 for Black Liberation Army actions. Russell is currently active in the struggle against control units.



A group of veteran leftist/anti-imperialist political activists convicted in the late 80's of various 'crimes'

ranging from bombing government buildings, possessing weapons to liberating Black Liberation Army POW Assata Shakur.

* SUSAN ROSENBERG -#03684-016, Pembrooke Station, Danbury, CT. 06001 -Serving 58 years for

possession of weapons. Among the first political prisoners held at the High Security Unit for Women at Lexington (since shut down after a massive campaign), due to her political beliefs, she was placed in total isolation. Has done work inside on AIDS/HIV in prison.

* MARILYN BUCK -#00482-285, FCI Dublin, 5701 8th St., Camp Parks, Dublin, CA.94568 -Anti-imperialist, targeted by the FBI's COINTELPRO. Sentenced to 10 years in1973 for buying gun ammunition. Escaped after 4 years. Went underground and was recaptured in 1985. Convicted in the R.C.Case and for allegedly participating in the liberation of political prisoner Assata Shakur and several bank expropriations. Sentenced to 80 years.

* LINDA EVANS -#19973-054, FCI Dublin (see above) - Got 40 years for her anti-imperialist activities in the R.C. Case. Linda has remained active in prison and founded an AIDS/HIV education and counselling program for women prisoners.

* LAURA WHITEHORN -#22432 -037, FCI Dublin (see above) - Got 23 years for R.C. Case. Her projected release date is 1999. Laura does Aids education and counselling in prison.




Anti-imperialist activists jailed in 1985 for armed resistance actions carried out by the United

Freedom Front -(an early 80's clandestine group), including bombings of the property of big

corporations and the U.S. military and judiciary (Union Carbide, IBM, a U.S. Navy recruiting office, South African business interests etc.). Four of the original seven remain in prison. For more info. contact :

Friends of Political Prisoners - Box 3113, Madison, WI.53704

* RAYMOND LUC LEVASSEUR -#10376-016, PO Box 8500, Florence, CO. 81226-8500

-Sentenced to 45 years for UFF bombings. Is being held at the new, ultra-secure Control Unit at Florence. Ray has written several pamphlets and articles for many radical publications since his imprisonment.

* TOM MANNING -#10373-076, PO Box 1000, Leavenworth, KS 66048 -Sentenced to 53 years for UFF bombings, plus 2 life sentances for the self-defence killing of a New Jersey State Trooper. Tom spent 7 years at Trenton and Marion Control Unit Prisons as well as time at the Maximum Control Unit at Florence.

* JAAN KARL LAAMAN -#10372-016, USP Leavenworth, PO Box 1000, Leavenworth, KS. 66048 -Sentenced to 53 years for UFF bombings, plus 39-45 years for a shoot-out with armed cops and weapons charges.

Jaan is eligible for parole in 2020.

* RICHARD WILLIAMS -#10377-016, 3901 Klein Blvd., Lompoc, CA.93436 -Sentenced to life for killing a cop in self-defence. Contact: Friends of Richard Williams -40 Lispenard St., New York, NY. 10013.



In U.S. prisons there are 15 Puerto Rican community activists imprisoned since the early 80's for fighting to liberate their country from U.S. control. All recieved huge sentences for participation in the clandestine struggle of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN). For more info. about their amnesty campaign contact:

Pro Libertad - PO Box 477, New York, NY.10149. or some of the prisoners themselves:

* OSCAR LOPEZ RIVERA - #87651-024,PO Box 8500, Florence, CO. 81226

* RICARDO JIMENEZ -#88967-024, PO Box1000 A-2,Lewisburg, PA.17837

* CARMEN VALENTIN - #88973-024,FCI Dublin, 5701 8th St.,Camp Parks,Dublin, CA.94568

* DYLCIA PAGAN- #88971-024, FCI Dublin (same as above)


* ALI KHALID ABDULLAH -#148130, Macomb Correctional Facility, PO Box 480999, New Haven, MI 48048

- New Afrikan anarchist, prison organiser, founder of Political Prisoners of War Council (PPWC) a prisoners group active in Michigan prisons. Is serving time for taking political action against drug dealers. Also for 'redirecting' funds from capitalist ventures to community groups. Ali's writings available from Huddersfield ABC (U.K.).


* LORENZO L. STONE-BEY- #10006, Indiana State Prison, PO Box 41, Michigan City, IN.46361-0041

-Framed and given life in 1976 for a robbery he didn't commit, on the word of a man pressed by police into naming the 'robbers'. Despite it being accepted that his name was beaten out of a man who later retracted it, his appeal was defeated in 1992. Lorenzo has also been targeted inside for holding to his ideas on black liberation.


* MAURICE CARTER-#145902, E.C. Brooks Correctional Facility, 2500 S.Sheridan, Muskegon Heights, MI 49444 - spent the last 22 years in prison after being framed by the police for attempted murder of an off-duty cop. Maurice continues his struggle to prove his innocence. For more info contact: Maurice Carter Defense Fund-PO Box 216, Benton Harbour, MI. 49022. (or Hudds. ABC)


* KHALFANI X. KHALDUN -#874304, MCC Supermax, PO Box 557, Westville, IN. 49444 -Black prison activist, recently framed-up for the murder of a prison guard. (Allegedly in retaliation for the states execution of a framed political prisoner Ajamu Nassor in 1994). For more info. contact:

Gary Coalition to Free Kalfani, PO Box 1513, Gary, IN.46407.

* SHAKA SHAKUR- # 28443, Indiana State Reformatory ,PO Box 30, Pendleton, IN. 46064 -Black prison activist and organiser, sentenced to 30 years after being stitched-up for armed robbery. Spent many years in solitary confinement/Control Units. Was at infamous Maximum Control Complex, Westville until prisoners won lawsuit against conditions there. For more info: S.S.D.C. - PO Box 565, Madison, WI. 53701

* HAROLD H. THOMPSON,# 93992, Turney Center Industrial Prison, Route1, Only, TN.37140-9709

-Anarchist and Vietnam Veteran given life, plus 50 years in 1979 for the killing of a police informer who killed Harold's partner and for allegedly robbing a jewelers. Plus 21-75 years for another shooting incident in Ohio. He was later also been given an extra 32 years for a failed armed escape attempt. Is active as a jailhouse lawyer in prison. Harold's writings have been published as a pamphlet.

* KEVIN GLOVER -#526379, Huntsville Unit, PO Box 32, Huntsville, Texas 77342-0099 -Libertarian Socialist, jailed for the accidental shooting of his friend while drunk, the cops fitted him up to make it look like murder.

* PAUL WRIGHT-#930783, Washington State Reformatory, PO Box 777, Monroe, WA.98272

- Marxist prisoner, serving 25 years for the killing of a drug dealer. Editor of the U.S. prisoners magazine:

Prison Legal News - PO Box 1684, Lake Worth, FL.33460.


* JOHN PEROTTI- #167712, SOCF, address currently unknown -Jailed for a $7 robbery when he was 19. Anarchist, prison organiser, jailhouse lawyer. Framed-up for an extra 12-15 years for the stabbing of another prisoner in 1988 (he was in solitary at the time), as revenge for his activities. John was recently on hunger strike, demanding transfer out of SOCF where the screws and officials hate him. He called it off when it became life threatening, and now has kidney problems. John has written an account of his struggles called 'Down to the Wire'. For more info. contact: John Perotti Defence Fund -c/o 29 Sterlochy Street, Findochty, Buckie, Banffshire, AB56 4PQ, (Scotland)


* WILLIE A. MILTON-# 561014, Rt.3, P.O. Box 59, Rosharon, TX 77583, USA.

- Co-founder of the Texas Prisoners' Labour Union, the first of it's kind in the U.S. Facing severe repression due to his organising efforts. In particular, Willie and TPLU are attempting to provide evidence concerning the use of Texas prisoners as guinea pigs in experiments by biotech corporations and the U.S. military concerning Gulf War Syndrome. A disease with the same symptoms as GWS is currently reaching epidemic proportions in the Texas prison system. For more info. contact Willie personally or TPLU Office Operations-c/o Dwight L. Rawlinson, 2121 South 4th St., Waco, TX. 76706


* RICKY L. LONG- #490671, 2101 FM 369, Iowa Park, TX.76367, USA.

- Co-founder of Texas Prisoners' Labour Union (see above)


* MARSHALL GARDNER- #567238, 1207 FM 3522, Abilene, TX.79601, USA.

- Anarchist, currently working on a pamphlet detailing the history and tactics of armed struggle in the U.S.

* BEATRICE CODIANNI-ROBLES-# 11866-014, Pembroke Station, Danbury, CT.06811, USA. - Latino organiser imprisoned for her involvement with the original Latin Queens and Kings (a latino organisation similar to the Black Panther Party, criminalised by the state by it's label as a 'gang'). Serving time under prosecution of RICO laws, supposedly for use against organised crime but more often used to break up political organisations.

* REGGIE LEWIS-#AY 2902, 1040 E.Furman Hwy, Waynesburg, PA.15370-8090, USA. - Death Row prisoner wrongfully convicted of murder. Reggie was 3000 miles away from the crime scene the night of the murder. Evidence ( bus tickets and sale receipts) of this was removed from Reggie's briefcase by police investigating the crime and have not been seen since. Reggie was convicted by an all white jury (he is black) and sentenced to death by judge Albert F.Sabo, a judge notorious for sending black defendants (including Mumia Abu-Jamal) to death row. For more info. contact: House on Fire-Box 29056, 55 Wyndham St. North, Guelph, Ontario, N1H 8J4, Canada

* DAVID ALLEN SHELDON- #807779A, P.O.Box 316219 D2, Ft.Madison, IA.52627, USA. - Revolutionary poet. Persistent attempts to break his will have lead to his being confined in administrative segregation (23 hrs per day in cell and 1hr 'outside' in 30ft by 8ft enclosure). David has not been given a release date from this lockdown, other than vague hints about the year 2028. He continues to resist attempts by prison officials to enforce compliance.


Prison News Service-c/o Bulldozer, PO Box 5052, Stn.A, Toronto, Ontario, MSW 1W4

- One of the best sources of info. on political prisoners and prison struggles in the U.S.& Canada

ABC Moncton- PO Box 25103, Moncton NB, EIC 9M9

ABC Montreal- 2035 St.Laurent, Montreal, Quebec,H2X 2T3

ABC Winnipeg- Box64028 RPO Morse PI, Winnipeg MB, R2K 4K2

Prisoners Justice Day Committee -c/o A Space, 183 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ontario, MST2R7


* DENNIS BRUCE WALKER -MIN245312, PO Box 656, Grafton 2460, NSW -Aboriginal activist got 5 yrs for an incident while trying to protect an aboriginal sacred site. Waiting for an appeal/seeking a retrial.

* LEE PEARCE-Borrallon Corr. Centre, PO Box 4305, Ipswich, Queensland 4305 -Framed prisoner serving 6 years. Because Lee maintains his innocence all remissions have been refused to him. Currently writing a book 'Sunshine State Justice', about his imprisonment and the vicious Queensland prison system.

ABC Melbourne -PO Box 199, East Brunswick, 3057 Victoria

ABC Brisbane - PO Box 558, South Brisbane, 4101 Queensland


PALESTINIAN PRISONERS -There are still 1000's of prisoners of the Palestinian Intifada in jails and prison camps in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Contact :

The Alternative information Centre -PO Box 31417, Jerusalem, Israel

Women's Organisation for Political Prisoners - PO Box 31811, Tel Aviv, Israel

* MORDECHAI VANUNU -Ashkelon Prison, PO Box 17, Ashkelon, Isreal- Sentenced to 18 years for exposing Isreal's dodgy nuclear dealings. He was kidnapped by Isreal's State Security while abroad and has been held in solitary since 1988.


The ABC organises practical solidarity with imprisoned anarchists, revolutionaries and others who have been locked-up for resistance to the rich and their capitalist system. We support people who have been imprisoned for trying to survive and people framed-up by the police. We support and publicise prisoners efforts to organise and resist the system from the inside. We try to work through letters, visits, material aid (where possible) as well as demonstrations, campaigns and spreading information about prisoners, prison struggles, the reality of prisons and the class system which created them. In all of what we do, we try to create links in and out of prisons. Ultimately we are working towards the creation of a revolutionary working class movement which will sweep away the capitalist system and it's prisons. Through working together, we believe that working class people could create a real classless society, a world where bosses aren't welcome and we can take real control over our lives. On our own we aren't going to change the world but we invite prisoners, their families and friends and anyone interested in our work to get in touch and get involved.



Brighton ABC - PO Box 2971, Brighton, BN2 2TT

Birmingham ABC -c/o PO Box 3241, Birmingham, B8 3DP

Newcastle ABC - c/o PO Box 1TA, Newcastle, NE99 1TA

Reading ABC - Folder 19, Rising Sun Inst., 30 Silver St, Reading RG1

Sheffield ABC - PO Box 446, Sheffield, S1 1NY

Wolves ABC - PO Box 339, Wolverhampton, WV1

Conviction - PO Box 522, Sheffield, S13FF (supports framed prisoners)

Death Penalty Defense Fund



Roger Peter Buehl


Roger Peter Buehl was, at the age of 22, taken from his family and sent to death row after being, unjustly accused and convicted of a murder which he did not commit.

Roger was accused of a 1982 robbery-murder which occurred in Villanova, Pennsylvania. The case against Roger was based entirely upon circumstantial evidence and two prosecution witnesses testifying to buy their own release from prison. There was no confession, nor any evidence or testimony to place Roger at the crime. Despite the lack of any physical evidence, Roger was convicted and sentenced to be executed.

In 1992, evidence was uncovered proving how the prosecution procured false testimony and concealed critical evidence, including the prosecution witnesses' failed polygraph exam and prior contrary statements supporting Rogers defense of innocence. One of these prosecution witnesses, when confronted with proof of his perjury, recanted his trial testimony and further revealed the prosecution's manipulations and witness-tampering. However, the prosecutor and the courts have refused to acknowledge that Roger is entitled to freedom from the fraudulent convictions.

In early 1997 the federal district Court vacated the sentences, but even now the prosecutors are appealing. The prosecutors have promised in any event to re-impose the death penalty upon Roger in the state court. In the meantime, Roger remains on death row.

Roger's family and friend's have expended their available resources in the lengthy legal battle on his behalf. Roger continues his defense without any funding, and he urgently needs supporters and financial assistance in the fight for his freedom and his life.


Please help by sending donations to:

Death Penalty Defense Fund

c/o Schuylkill Friends Meeting

37 North Whitehorse Road

Phoenixville, PA 19460


For further information about Roger or his situation, contact: Debi Kristyak, Defense Fund Coordinator, 757 Rockwood Dr., Apt. A204, Titusville, PA 16354, USA.

All support and assistance will be very Much appreciated!

All donations will be used solely for the payment of costs and legal fees related to Roger's defense; should his defense be unsuccessful, remaining funds will be forwarded to the Pennsylvania Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. This defense fund is registered as a charity. The official registration and financial information of the Death Penalty Defense Fund for Rogar P. Buehl may be obtained by calling the State Bureau of Charities (7 17) 783-1720. Registration does not imply state endorsement.




Dear Comrades, Friends and Supporters,

I forward this letter to you in order to share the disregard of life the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) official prisoncrats have for those they incarcerate, e.g. their safety, health and overall wellbeing. This letter is about my own latest experience yet it is just as feasible that other prisoners have experienced/ are experiencing the same things that will be mentioned herein.

In May 1996, while i was at the Charles Egeler Correctional Facility (CECF) in Jackson, Michigan, a former MDOC employee (Assistant Resident Unit Manager [ARUM] G.Agawa) wrote a state memorandum accusing me of giving him info. on another prisoner. The prisoner i was accused of giving info. on ended up with a copy of this memo. As a result i was labelled a 'snitch' and ended up being stabbed at the CECF, treated at the Duane L.Waters Hospital (located on the facilities grounds), placed in a punitive protective custody cell and interrogated as to who had stabbed me by the Michigan State Police, the Deputy Warden, Inspector and other high ranking officials and hospital staff. i refused to tell them anything. i was eventually transferred to the E.C. Brooks Correctional Facility in Muskegon Heights, Michigan in June 96.


While at the Brooks Facility i continued my political agitation, political re-education programming with prisoners and planting revolutionary seeds. Subsequently the official prisoncrats at Brooks began to harass me and tamper with my mail. Denying mail from the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM), Raze The Walls! (RTW!), Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) and others, claiming that the language was a 'threat' and 'danger to the security of the institution'.


After enduring the madness at the Brooks Facility i requested a transfer (after 16 months) and was sent to the Ryan Regional Correctional Facility (RRCF) in Detroit, Michigan on Oct.2. 97. While there i began to adjust and develop some close ties/comrades to become involved with the movement i founded: Political Prisoners of War Coalition (PPWC). However, after only being at Ryan 4 months i was suddenly awakened and told that i had one hour to pack my belongings for transfer.


I was transferred to Macomb Correctional Facility (MCF) in New Haven, Michigan on Feb.27.98. The following day (while on the prison yard) i was confronted by a large group of prisoners and called a 'snitch' before the entire yard. It was said that i was responsible for getting some prisoners busted at the Egeler Facility (though they didn't say how) and that if i remained here at this facility "your ass is out, nigger". Considering that i just arrived and have nothing to protect myself with, nor do i have any PPWC comrades here in order to go to battle with me, i returned to my unit to gather my wits and create some form of battle plan. (i should mention that this accusation and label upon me is not believed by many prisoners, but there are still others who haven't taken the time to investigate the matter or to realise that snitching and being friendly with pigs and aggressors is not my character, style or make-up. However these misguided, slanderous prisoners are reactionaries who are either unaware they're being manipulated by prisoncrats or are possibly stooges and agents themselves for they have done nothing to further the political line among prisoners, but rather have engaged in acts which support the domination and hostile aggression against politicised revolutionaries active in struggle.)


In an attempt to minimise any surprise sneak attack i have written to the warden of MCF. (J.Stegall) and Assistant Deputy Warden of Housing (L. Myers) and have asked them to remove me from this prison. i mentioned to them the events of Egeler and what was said to me on the yard, but made it clear that i did not know who it was that made the threat nor do i have any idea who would be coming to plunge the knife into my back.


i called my mother and told her of the situation and sent a word to MIM, a friend at the Alliance for Democracy (AfD) and have asked for their help. My friend of AfD phoned my mother and gave her the info. and sent letters out to various groups and individuals i deal with, because i am not financially able to do so myself. Words have also been sent out to various PPWC cadre throughout the Michigan prison system so they are made aware of my situation.


On March 6, i was called to ARUM Underwoods office and informed that my mother had called her and that there was nothing in my files to indicate i was stabbed at the Egeler Facility or about ARUM G.Agawa's memo. accusing me of giving him information on another prisoner. i was then offered the MDOC's punitive Protective Custody which i refused. i refused because of the following: 1. i am not a coward and will not allow myself to live my incarceration in such a manner. 2. it would severely damage PPWC if i were to allow myself to be placed in Protective Custody. 3. it would give the appearance that i am a snitch and therefore need this type of protection. 4. i do not trust the pigs. Later in the day i was called to the Control Center to see an Inspector Moore who again tried to get me to say who it was that confronted me on the prison yard. When i told her i do not know and would not give up names even if i did know she informed me that "there's nothing we can do for you then". At that i informed her that if i am attacked in any manner i plan to defend myself to the utmost and will use any means available to me for the protection of my person.


This situation i've just described is very strange. The prisoncrats refuse to send me back to RRCF where i had no such problems. They claim that they have no record of the incident where i was stabbed at Egeler Facility, yet my mother has documentation of this event (i had managed to get a copy of the memo written by ARUM G.Agawa) and she has copies of letters concerning this incident from MDOC Director K.L.McGinnis and State Senator J.F. Young Jr. Yet there is nothing in my files about the incident. Sounds like a cover up attempt to me. Not only that, it looks like the prisoncrats are hoping i am murdered in prison so that they are rid of me and my politics and consciousness raising within the system , for my exposing (at every chance i get) the corruption, malfeasance, misappropriation of funds, thievery and other corruptible acts, from reaching the eyes and ears of the public and from politicising prisoners who could threaten their reign of power and domination.These prisoncrats know that if they continue to allow me to remain at this facility, sooner or later i am going to be stabbed and possibly murdered or i may kill someone in self defence while the MDOC prisoncrats prosecute me for murder one where i'd get LIFE in prison and surely die within their fences. However, at this time i have no other recourse other than to stay on high alert, appeal to you comrades for support while keeping you informed and take counteractive measures for self preservation with efficient accuracy if aggressed.


i tell you this today comrades, friends and supporters because tomorrow is not a sure thing and my life could be taken at any time. Prison life is very serious, dangerous and real folks. Nothing is taken for granted in here or it shouldn't be if it is. We are not yet at the level of political consciousness where we have prisoners acting in a collective and conscious manner. Where prisoners stand together in solidarity and not fall for the divide and conquer tactics used by prisoncrats to obtain their goal or hidden agenda. We are still a long way from that level of social, political and revolutionary consciousness and will not get to that point until we have a change in the existing social structure in which people live, think and act here within the borders of Amerikkka. Again, this missive is a testament in case i am no longer able to share with you. But it should also be used as advice for all current and future comrades and cadres so that the subtle tricks of COINTELPRO (yes it still exists) are not used by those of us who profess revolution or consciousness, against one another. In the trenches...

Ali Khalid Abdullah # 148130 - Macomb Correctional Facility, PO Box 480999, New Haven, MI 48048, USA



Please send letters of protest, demand that Ali be returned to Ryan Regional Correctional Facility to the following:

Jimmy Stegall, Warden-Macomb Correctional Facility, PO Box 480999, New Haven, MI 48048, USA

Kenneth L.McGinnis, Director- MDOC, Grandview Plaza Bldg, PO Box 30003, Lansing, MI 48909, USA

Joe F.Young, Jr, State Senator- State Capitol, PO Box 30036, Lansing, Michigan 4890-7536, USA


Please spread this request for support - copy and distribute this information/leaflet


This information was put out by Huddersfield Anarchist Black Cross. We have been working with Ali for several years now and respect the hard work he does under such harsh conditions. If you'd like to know more about Ali's work please send us an SAE/IRC for copies of his articles which have appeared in various radical/revolutionary publications. Ali is hoping to file a lawsuit against the MDOC over the above treatment he's received from them (he's had previous success as a jailhouse lawyer) but to do this we need to raise funds to pay for filing fees. He is also in desperate need of essentials like stamps, stationary and typewriter ribbon. Since these things have to be purchased inside Michigan prisons (they can't be posted in) we are asking for urgent donations (labelled for Ali) to be sent to:

ABC - PO Box 381, Huddersfield, HD1 3XX, U.K.



Introduction by Ali Khalid Abdullah of the Political Prisoners of War Coalition

We have been following a particular story regarding a man named Maurice Carter, who is currently languishing in one of Michigan's prisons (death kkkamps) for an alleged crime he clearly did not commit. As a result of doing some investigation into this man's case and the events leading to his unjust arrest and conviction, we are convinced that this man, Maurice Carter, deserves to be acknowledged and supported by the overall community of Freedom Fighters, those who believe in justice and fundamental fairness throughout the world and helped in winning public support and aid for a new trial or for complete exoneration of his conviction. We are calling on ALL our politically conscious brothas and sistahs to stand up with us and help free a man that has been so wrongly denied anything resembling justice. We are also asking that you please contact all the parties you will find listed at the end of his story and to especially contact Mr. Maurice Carter in person...

In the trenches..

Ali Khalid Abdullah # 148130, Ryan Correctional Facility, 17600 Ryan Road, Detroit, MI 48212, USA


This is a true story about a black man being in the wrong place at the wrong time: Benton Harbour, Michigan, December 20, 1973. As a result, he ended up with a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. The Maurice Carter Case is probably the most publicised one in the Southwestern part of the state. His case has been aired nationally on CNN, CBS's 48 hours and on Detroit's Joe Madison's Radio talk show. Also his case has been printed in numerous newspapers throughout the state. This crime happened in Benton Harbour. A black man was accused of assaulting and shooting a white policeman on December 20th, 1973. What makes this case stand out from others is how Benton Harbour (Berrien County), Michigan criminal justice system used false information to obtain a warrant, applied corrupt police tactics, convened a selective all white jury, appointed an incompetent defense attorney and provided an overzealous prosecution. The system incorporated all of the above and perpetuated racism in order to win a conviction. The Maurice Carter conviction is a text book example of how Michigan's justice system does not work and how some officials use cases such as this one as a stepping stone to enhance their own personal and political agendas: including public servants in the police department, conspiring defense attorneys, and overly ambitious prosecutors.



According to the court and police records, around 1pm on a sunshiny, crisp winter day, December 20, 1973, policeman Thomas Schadler and his wife were doing some Christmas shopping in downtown Benton Harbour. Both entered a black owned ' Wig and Record shop' while a black female sales clerk was assisting a lone black male. Without paying any attention to the black man in the store, the Schadlers with their backs turned away, began looking at some music tapes. Suddenly and without any provocation, the black man walked up behind Thomas Schadler and shot him several times. He also took a shot at Ruth Schadler after she tried to prevent the gunman from further assaulting her husband. In less than a minute or so the gunman fled the store leaving Thomas and Ruth Schadler and the female sales clerk (Gwen Baird) in total shock and hysteria. After being shot four times in the back and head area, Tom Schadler struggled to his feet and attempted to go after his assailant. However, once outside the store he slipped and fell but still managed to pull his own gun out and fired it at the gunman who was by now midway down the block. After a massive police manhunt, the gunman was able to get away.


On the sane day, December 20, 1973, Maurice Carter and Wilbur Gillespie were coming out of the Benton Harbour Hotel, also located downtown. As they came out of the hotel together, two unknown policemen explained to them that a robbery had occurred and they were looking for the perpetrator. Both Maurice and Wilbur acknowledged they saw no one or anything unusual. After a brief questioning the police took their names and addresses and they were allowed to go.After talking to the unknown uniformed policemen, Maurice and Wilbur Gillespie walked a couple of blocks East away from the Benton Harbour Hotel to another friend's apartment. Once inside Jerry's place, Maurice stayed a while then left. He went to a tavern which was located next door to his friend's apartment. A few minutes after entering the bar another set of policemen in plain clothes came in the tavern behind him. They also wanted to talk to Maurice regarding the same incident (robbery) which happened earlier. They asked Maurice if he would be willing to go to the scene of the crime for identification by a witness who was still at the crime scene. Without any problem or resistance, Maurice, now in the custody of the police officers, went with them to the crime scene.


Once at the 'Wig and Record shop', Gwen Baird, the female sales clerk who witnessed the shooting was asked if she could identify the man (Maurice Carter) who the policemen now had at the crime scene. Gwen Baird told the supervising officer Captain Harold Harris that Maurice Carter was not the man, his features did not match the assailant who shot officer Thomas Schadler. She further stated that the assailant that they should be looking for was heavy set, very dark skinned and was wearing a green fatigue like coat. At the time Maurice was brought to the crime scene he was wearing a grey dress coat and his skin colour was light brown in complexion and he was not heavy set. Gwen Baird's statements at the crime scene and her non-identification of Maurice Carter were never disclosed during Maurice's subsequent trial. Captain Harold Harris a supervisor witness, knew that information existed but neither the prosecutor or the defense called him to testify about Gwen Baird's non identification of Maurice Carter on December 20,1973.


Maurice was released as a result of Gwen Baird's non identification. Also after an All Point Bulletin (APB) verified there were no outstanding warrants against Maurice and the fact that he had been topped and questioned the first time with Wilbur Gillespie. He was given a ride back to the Benton Harbour Hotel by the police. Once back at the hotel he learnt that all the hotel rooms had been searched by the police. Later that night, Maurice ran into Wilbur Gillespie at the Ponderosa bar and he told Wilbur what had happened after he left him at Jerry's apartment earlier in the day. He also told Wilbur he thought it was time to leave Benton Harbour and visit his grandmother in Oklahoma and his father in California. A few days later Maurice Carter left Benton Harbour, Michigan.



Soon after the shooting of policeman Thomas Schadler, in Benton Harbour, Michigan, Maurice left and went to visit his grandmother and other relatives in Dow and McAlister, Oklahoma. He stayed with them over the Christmas and New Years holidays. Afterwards he went to Los Angeles, California to visit his father. He stayed and worked in California for a while.


After his stay in California, Maurice Carter was back in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. He was unaware Wilbur Gillespie was in serious trouble with Benton Harbour, Michigan Police Department for a delivery of heroin charge. In November of 1975, it appeared that Wilbur Gillespie got caught with some narcotics in a police drug raid. Because of his past record and the fact that he didn't want to go back to prison, he decided to play ball with the police. The Schadler's case was unsolved and the police thought that Wilbur knew something about it. It was during his November of 1975 jail time that Wilbur Gillespie and the Benton Harbour, Michigan Police Department manipulated each other. Al Edwards, the policeman in charge of the Schadler's case told Wilbur Gillespie that since his back was up against the wall and he was facing a life sentence as a result of his criminal history that if he played ball with them, he (Al Edwards) would see to it that everything would work out in his favour, and with $5000 reward money. On December 20, 1975 Wilbur Gillespie signed his statement claiming that he saw Maurice Carter running from the scene of the crime on December 20, 1973.


On the same day and after the conference with detective Al Edwards and Wilbur Gillespie, John Smietanka, the local prosecutor for Berrien County, issued a warrant for Maurice Carter's arrest.THE ARREST

One month later, January 5th, 1976, in Gary, Indiana, Maurice was arrested and charged with Assault with Intent to Commit the Murder of policeman, Thomas Schadler which happened on December 20, 1973. Because Maurice knew he was innocent he waived extradition procedures that very same day.

Maurice was transported 60 miles and arrived at Benton Harbour, Michigan city jail at 10pm that night. While Maurice was in the custody of the city jail, Al Edwards called the local newspaper and informed them about the Maurice Carter arrest. That same night a photographer came to the jail and took a picture of Maurice. The next day Jan 6th, Maurice's picture appeared on the front page of the Herald Palladium News accusing him of being the shooter of policeman Thomas Schadler. The following week, on Jan 13th the police arranged a line up for the victims, Thomas and Ruth Schadler. They both picked Maurice Carter as the assailant. Also another witness, Nancy Butzbaugh, identified him from a second floor apartment building view on the day of the incident in 1973. However, one of the prosecution's key witnesses, the black female sales clerk, Gwen Baird, was not at this police line up on Jan 13, 1976.


The Berrien County Court system appointed attorney James K. Jesse from Buchanan, Michigan to represent Maurice Carter for trial. During the preliminary examination on January 15, 1976, Wilbur Gillespie, Thomas and Ruth Schadler testified that Maurice Carter was the man on the day of December 20th, 1973 who they saw either running from the scene of the crime or the gunman who committed the crime. Basically their testimony bound him over for trial.

While waiting in the county jail for trial to commence, Maurice began writing letters to his Indiana State Senator, Michigan's Attorney General and to the Benton Harbor, Michigan NAACP local chapter. He explained to everyone that he was in jail for a crime he did not commit and that the police was using false information against him. No one wanted to get involved because this was a black man charged with shooting a white policeman.

The court's records reflect that prior to the trial, at no time did attorney James K. Jesse motioned the court for a discovery disclosure of all the police records containing the victim's and other witness statements and descriptions. Maurice told him he was innocent of the crimes, yet the attorney went to trial unprepared. Attorney James K. Jesse never questioned the suggestive and biased police and newspaper tactics of allowing Maurice's picture to appear on the front page of the local newspaper before he was given a police line-up. After all he was not arrested as a result of the victim's Thomas and Ruth Schadler, identifying him. It was Wilbur Gillespie's statement. After Maurice's picture appeared two years later in the local newspaper, only then did the Schadler's pick him out as their assailant. During the May 1976 trial, they testified that Maurice Carter was their assailant.


Also during the May 1976 trial, prosecution eye witness Gwen Baird and Connie Allen testified that Maurice Carter was most definitely not the man who shot policeman Thomas Schadler. Both state the gunman was much darker and heavy set. Prosecution witness Wilbur Gillespie recanted his previous Jan. 15, 1976 preliminary examination testimony against Maurice. He told the all white jury at trial that detective Al Edwards threatened him with a life sentence if he did not cooperate with him.


After the Maurice Carter trial, Wilbur Gillespie was charged with perjury and he was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison, yet it was his statement of December 20, 1975 which implicated Maurice as the assailant and which led to his arrest.


As a result of Maurice's state appointed attorney not requesting for a discovery disclosure for all of the records, Thomas and Ruth Schadler's untruthful trial testimony went unchallenged. Their prior police statements were never entered or made part of the court's records. In four of the police reports, Thomas Schadler clearly stated that he did not pay any special attention to his assailant and in another one he clearly stated that he did not get a description of his assailant. Several newspaper articles collaboratedThomas Schadler's police statements. Mrs. Schadler stated in her police reports that she did not know what was happening until after everything was over. She even stated in another police report that the gunman was left handed and 5 feet 8 inches tall: Maurice is right handed and 6 feet 1 inch tall.



The support committees of Rafael Ballarin want to bring to your attention the serious injustice this young man is suffering. Rafael is from a small town close to Graus in Northern Spain, he worked as a farmer and has no criminal record.

On the evening of 1st of December, 1996, Rafa and his girlfriend Valle were walking through a main street in Madrid when they were brutally attacked by a gang of 7 neo-nazi skinheads. They were both knocked to the floor under a hail of blows from chains, sticks and steel toe-capped boots. Under this savage assault Rafa pulled out a small knife and tried to defend them both with it. Rafa stabbed one of the attackers, who died instantly. After this Rafa and his girlfriend managed to run away from the fascists. Three days later the police arrested Rafa and he was taken to prison. He is currently awaiting trial.

Press coverage of this incident was limited to the police version of events where Rafa was described as a 'dangerous punk' who without reason, attacked some 'helpless students', reducing the whole incident to a weekend fight. In fact this is not true at all, these 'young students' are in fact a dangerous ultra-fascist group and some of them have criminal records for similar aggression. This 'dangerous punk' is a young man from a small town near the Pyrenees. The mortal wound that killed one of Rafa's attackers was no more than 1 centimetre deep, which shows that Rafa didn't intend to kill anyone.

Would the judge have prefered Rafael and Valle to have been killed by fascists like many other people over the last few years such as David Martin, Ricardo Gonzalez and Guillem Agullo?

We consider that Rafa had the legitimate right to defend himself in this situation where his own life and that of his girlfriend were in danger. We demand his release and complete acquittal at the next trial. We also demand the immediate dissolution of fascist groups who are involved in increasingly more violent attacks throughout Spain.

We ask for all people reading this leaflet to support Rafa by sending him messages of solidarity to:

Rafael Ballarin Bergua

C.P. Madrid III, Carretera Pinto-S.Martin de la Vega km.5.

Valdemoro 28.340 (Madrid) Spain

For more information and to get involved with the actions that will take place to support him during the trial he will have to suffer, please contact:

Comite de Apoyo a Rafael Ballarin - C.S.L., Coso 186, Spain

Coordinadora de Apoya a Rafael Ballarin - Ap.184, Huesca, Spain

Thanks in the name of Rafa for all your support

For more copies of this leaflet (in English or Spanish) please contact:

Madrid ABC - Paseo de Alberto Palacios, N. 2, 28021 Madrid, Spain.

Huddersfield ABC -PO Box 381, Huddersfield, HD1 3XX, U.K.

This list is out of date please look at other pages and other list first.

Prisoner Home

name of Rafa for all your support

For more copies of this leaflet (in English or Spanish) please contact:

Madrid ABC - Paseo de Alberto Palacios, N. 2, 28021 Madrid, Spain.

Huddersfield ABC -PO Box 381, Huddersfield, HD1 3XX, U.K.

This list is out of date please look at other pages and other list first.

Prisoner Home