John Perrotti

John has spent nearly twenty years in prison, he has spent twelveof those years in control units. These are units designed to breakpeople through a combination of isolation and behaviour modificationtechniques.

John orrigionally entered the prison system because of pettycrimes associated with his wild days as a young man. He has spent solong in prison because he has fought against injustice tooth and nailwherever he has found it in the Ohio prison system. Extra time andloss of the chance of parole has resulted in his stay in prison beingmuch longer than he or anyone else ever thought it would be.

John has fought back through the court system, he educatedhimself, and has filed hundreds of writs and civil suits againstguards and officials in the prison and state legistature. Thesebattles have been fought on his behalf aswell as for fellowprisoners. John has fought cases concerning living and workingconditions, brutality by guards as well as challenges to court rulingand prison rules and regulations.

The reward for fighting back and worst still succeeding, has beenbeatings that have landed him in hospital and additional charges andcourt cases. Some of the beatings have lead to John filing suit andgetting the gaurds in court, although they are still in the prison heis in now. John recieved an extra 10-15 years for a stabbing thattook place in the block he was in. At a travasty of a trial in whichhe was held in full restraint and flanked by guards the prisoner whodid it confessed but John still got the time.

This is just a very brief introduction to John's struggle, for afuller history you can read 'Down to the Wire' which containswritings by John on his history inside the belly of the beast. Thebooklet is available from the John Perrotti Defence Fund for £3plus something for postage, all the money goes tohelping withexpenses associated with John's legal work.

At the moment John is back in Lucasville, the scene of his mostbitter struggles. He has a long history there and is recieving harshtreatment. Isolation is the strongest weapon of the prisoncat, it isthe real mind killer, we can break that hold by maintaining contact.Short messages of support can make all the difference. John willreply to all letters although shortage of stamps may cause a bit of adelay. He can be contacted by writing to:

PO Box 901,
Ohio 44430.

The John Perrotti Defence Fund has for the last six years workedto raise awareness and money, motivated by the belief that someonewilling to make such a stand shouldn't stand alone. For an update ora copy of John's booklet write to :