November 16 1997

"It's snowing here, almost six inches already, and cold in this cell. I've been on a fast since since November the first, and they moved me over to the infirmary cell seven days ago. A fast at Lucasville brought almost indifference but here it seems to bring out the animosoty and hatred of the guards and staff. Iam dealing with the same punishment mentality I dealt with when Ifirst went to Mansfield - and fighting the same battles we fought there and in Lucasville all over again .Public attitude is now so focused on crime and punishment that it is a hard battle.

The supreme court has stopped all rights we fought for, the legislature has passed a 'truth in sentencing' bill that gives out flat time - without having to see the parole board, yet those of us sentenced before this law passed still have to face the parole board who are giving out 'super flops' that extend out sentences almost to the maximum- giving them 'job security'. I was supposed to see the parole board last week, but they didn;t take me up - telling me I was continued 30 days because I was in the infirmary fasting. Isn't that something?

My appeal on the last 12 - 15 is still in the court of appeals.At fist the district court wouldn't accept all the issues - but we got them to rule that they will hear all of them. The final briefs have been filed, so now it is just a matter of waiting. It will probably be up to a year before I get a ruling. So, if the parole board flops me I still have the hope of getting this last conviction reversed, because there are issues which require reversal. I just hope I draw a liberal panel of judges.

The civil suit is fully briefed too - but for some reason the court is slow walking it. It's been two years since the verdict that they should have ruled long ago. I'm so tired of these legal proceeding. They are draining - emotionally, mentally and financially."

This information has been taken from a recent letter from John. His ability to hang on to some degree of hope is always a wonder of inspiratin to me. It is quite clear that he is up against it at the moment - not that is any break from the norm - and it is at this time that he would appreciate any words of support from those of us on the outside.

If you would like to drop him a line his current address is :

PO BOX 901
OHIO 44430
Taken from JPDF leaflet. Put on internet April '98