Justice for Mark Barnsley

Ideas for Action

A central characteristic of all recent miscarriage of justice cases in this country is that the British State is only ever forced to take responsibility for them because of embarrasing publicity  brought about through a high-profile campaign. No matter how good the legal argument of a particular case, without a high-profile support campaign victims of miscarriages of injustice stay locked away and forgotten.

While many people sympathise with the plight of Mark Barnsley, sympathy alone is not enough, only concrete support and solidarity will make any difference in helping to overcome the judicial nightmare that he has fallen victim to.

Support activities can take many forms, depending on a number of factors. For example if you are the member of an existing prisoner support  organisation we hope we can count on the full weight  of that organisation's active support, but even if you are an isolated individual living in a remote area you can still participate in the campaign to achieve justice for Mark.

We encourage all constructive autonomous actions and initiatives which help to highlight Mark's case (loosely translated this means get stuck in - do your own thing - share your good ideas with us - imagination and effort is a powerful weapon !!!!)
Oh yes - and THANK-YOU for whatever you are able to do.

For those of you who have asked for ideas (I am SURE your have plenty of your own but
here goes !) :-

Leaflet Production and Distribution 
Produce a leaflet detailing Mark's case, or further copies of one of ours. Ask us for artwork if you like. Copy art-work onto discs for distribution. Offer the use of high-tec, low tec hardware etc. Distribute leaflets at demonstrations and political events where interest is most likely    gigs, pubs, on the streets, or simply to your mates.

Letters to the Press and Calls to Radio Phone-ins.
Generally or in response to a topical issue such as lenient sentencing for violent students . Be imaginative to get Mark's case onto the agenda. Write to political magazines.

Resolutions of support.
Trade Unions, Student Unions, tenants' assoc., political group, or other organisation - raise Mark's case for discussion and  propose that a formal resolution of support for him is passed.
We can supply info packs and , if you require - possibly a speaker .

Pickets and Demonstrations
Well targeted pickets like the Sheffield C.P.S. Sept 9th Day of Action example can be effective with only a small number of people. We can supply suggestions for targets.

Demonstrations and marches also form part of a good high-profile stratgy and it's also worth
linking up with other demos and marches to spread solidarity and the word about Mark's unjust imprisonment. Don't forget placards and banners. The campaign to free Mark also fully supports national demonstrations such as Hungry for Justice action in November 1997, the International Prisoners Solidarity Day  August 10th. Each year and other demos. Of this type which are a good opportunity for us all to meet together.

Messages of Support
Send messages of support to Mark Barnsley, WA2897, HMP Full Sutton, York, YO41 1PS.
Mark writes about 20 letters a week replying to supporters, so please try to include stamps!

Participation in Regular Campaign Activities
We are co-ordinating  support action at least once a month including  mass phone-ins which usefully allow all of us to unite in protest however far flung , isolated or few in number we are. It is a way we can all come together using technology as a focus. Contact Press Officer Peter Brown if you are unsure of  the next target.

Public Meetings
Organise a public meeting in your community or college etc. We may be able to supply a speaker.
Please contact Peter Brown.

Formation of Local Groups
Where appropriate you can achieve even more by the formation of local semi-autonomous support
groups. Let us know if you are happy to be contacted by other supporters in your area.

Imagination and commitment are all we ask for!

Production of Other Media
If you have access to badge-making facilities why not make some badges - distribute them yourselves, or let us do it. All forms of media; T-shirts, posters, graffiti, films, music, etc. will help spread the word about Mark's wrongful imprisonment.

Please remember to keep us informed of your support activities so we can gain maximum. Coverage and also raise Mark's spirits. Send copies of any reports, articles or other coverage to Mark.


Thank you

Published by Mark Barnsley Support Group