Sabotage the War effort

Reclaim the Future

When anti-capitalist activists stormed the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange on 18th June 1999 they knew exactly what they were doing: Reclaiming the Future!

This struggle will continue in Oxford during the 11th UK Conference on the Foundations of Physics, Monday 9th – Friday 13th September, 2002. Included in the conference are A.F.Kracklauer, Antony Valentini and Thomas Breuer, all three of whom have collaborated with NATO research programme. And of course David BenDaniel will be there. He is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Personal Enterprise, where he teaches greedy students how to make lots of money while still at college. He has held senior positions at Exxon (the oil company which devastated Alaska with an oil spill) and Textron the notorious arms manufacturer which produces Bell Attack Helicopters. He is a capitalist hard-liner acting as a talent scout for venture capital concerns. Also present in an observer capacity will be Daniel Oi and Tony Short of the Centre for Quantum Computation, an Oxford based organisation funded by NATO and GCHQ (the spy organisation which runs Echelon to monitor e-mails etc across the world for the ‘security community’!)


When didn’t the Quantum Time Bomb get stopped!


1th conference



Physics is War

War is terrorism
Terrorism is physics

1th UK Conference on the Findations of Psycho-Physics

Oxford, UK, Monday 9th Friday 13th September, 2002.

Accommodation for the conference will be provided in a Campsite, Oxford, UK (which will be referred to as "Qubitt City"). Conference sessions will be in the streets and marketplace of Oxford Town. There will be a reception for conference participants on Tuesday evening.

The organizers are H B and P M, under the auspices of Philosophy of Psycho-Physics beyond Oxford. The conference is supported by The Organisation for the Most Pleasant and Successful Experiment in Time Travel and by The British Union of Time Travellers. Requests for information about the conference or to be included on the mailing list should be sent to P M.

The conference is intended for both psycho-physicists and psychogeographers who are interested in the findations of psycho-physics. Talks will be approximately 5 minutes long, including 30 minutes for questions. A list of currently registered participants is available here.

The conference is never full, since We have had to introduce some parallel realities to give us unlimited extra talks. At this point, not attendance with/without giving/receiving a talk is possible because we have no limitations of space and time in the multiverse we are using. We are waiting.

There will be no conference registration fee. Bring a tent, food and drink to share. .]

A registration form, which should be returned by 14th August 1914, is available in various formats: rtf, text, or html.
In case of difficulties please contact L B.

The fabric of the universe is at stake

The University of Oxford pages include information about how to get here and a map. The map below shows the location of St. Edmund Hall on Queen’s Lane, off the high street. Note that buses from London, Heathrow, and Gatwick stop at Queen’s lane, about 100 metres from St. Edmund Hall. Get off at the "Queen’s lane" stop.



For further information about Oxford, try the Oxford City Council, or Daily Information, or Welcome to the City of Oxford, or search with google for "oxford city".

Other information:         registered participants,



Further information will be added to this web page in due course. Comments should be directed to P M.