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Peace activists, in an act of direct action on Thursday 13th of March 2003 at night , disabled no less than thirty US Airforce vehicles which provide essential support to the US B52 bombers stationed at RAF Fairford Airbase, Gloucestershire, UK, causeing approximately 50,000 worth of damage. One of the activists, Bristol based Dr. Margaret Jones spoke to comrades on the phone from prison: "We managed to carry out our planned action very successfully. We evaded the police patrols, cut through the perimeter fence, and got into the garages which were unguarded. We managed to disable some thirty vehicles. With our politicians out of democratic control it is up to ordinary citizens to stop the war machine. I could not bear the thought of these bombers taking off from our country, flying thousands of miles to Iraq, and dropping their cargoes of death on ordinary people. We felt we personally had to do what we could to stop them."

Letters and postcard of support can be sent to the addresses below, but send them quick as the will probably be moved at the end of the week:

Dr Margaret Jones KV5877,
HMP Holloway,
1X Parkhurst Road,
London N7 ONU.

Paul Arthur Milling JT5092,
HMP Gloucester,
Barrack Square,
Gloucester GL1 2JN.

British peace activists Josh Richards, Philip Pritchard and Toby Olditch have been remanded for activity at RAF Fairford.
Josh is accused of possessing an explosive substance with intent to endanger life! He is also accused of damaging the perimeter fence at RAF Fairford. Philip and Toby are accused damaging the perimeter fence, aggravated tresspass and conspiracy.

Their addresses are:

Josh Richards JT5130
HMP Gloucester
Barracks Square
Gloucester GL1 2JN

Philip Pritchard
HMP Gloucester
Barracks Square
Gloucester GL1 2JN

Toby Olditch,
HMP Gloucester
Barracks Square
Gloucester GL1 2JN

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Danish grandmother Ulla Roder is currently on remand in HMP Cornton Vale for damaging a Tornado jet at leuchars airbase on Monday evening. It is thought
that she will face a charge of causing over £1 million of criminal damage to the plane. Please send messages of support to Ulla at the address below:

Ulla Roder
HMP Cornton Vale
Cornton Road

Other news:

The Russian 'Social-Ecological Union' has set up a webpage, written in English, with details about its jailed member Farid Tukhbatullin.

This website is very well worth checking out and despite not giving Farid's address, it does contain some information about him and also warns that he
is highly likely to be tortured whilst inside. The website also gives suggestions about what you can do to help Farid. Please check out