OTHER ABC PUBLICATIONS- Send an SAE or stamps for any of the following:

SUPPORT CLASS STRUGGLE PRISONERS - An Introduction to what we do and why

PRACTICAL SUPPORT FOR PRISONERS - What/how you can send into prisons,letters,visits etc.

WRITING TO PRISONERS - Advice if you're writing for the first time

ABC PRISONERS LIST (U.K. & INTERNATIONAL)- lists of prisoners we support/know need support

NO COMMENT - Updated defendants guide to arrest

SUING THE POLICE - Useful If they've beaten you up or abused you




TAKING LIBERTIES- Quarterly Newsbulletin of the ABC Network in Britain- 50p

CONVICTION- Newsbulletin of the group highlighting and campaigning for framed prisoners in the U.K.Always full of interesting and firsthand information and advice.75p

RAZE THE WALLS QUARTERLY- New 32 page magazine from RTW (a group similar to ABC in America). Contains writings by and about prisoners/prisons and articles on revolutionary, anti-authoritarian theory and activity. £2



A DAY MOURNFUL AND OVERCAST-A moving and personal attack on prisons and hierarchies by a member of the Iron Column - the anarchist, ex-prisoners militia in the Spanish revolution/civil war. 75p

ALTERNATIVES- An Anarchist View of Prisons, Crime & Violence -M. Lee- Study of the class nature of imprisonment in the U.S. and suggests some alternatives to caging/problem resolving, where working class communities make the decisions about how to deal with antisocial elements.75p

BRIEF HISTORY OF THE NEW AFRIKAN PRISON STRUGGLE - Sundiata Acoli - Written by an ex- Black Panther who is one of the longest serving political prisoners in the world. This is the inspiring history of the unfinished struggle for black liberation in the U.S. It's also a benefit for Sundiata's Freedom Campaign. £1.30

CHAINS OF HATE- The Prison Poetry of Sammy Ralston - Rhymes of resistance from the dead end of Scotland's penal system, from a framed prisoner who fought the prison system all the way. 75p


Black anarchist & former political prisoner's basic outline of the tactics, purpose and aims of the ABC. useful for anyone serious about building an effective prisoner support movement. 50p

FIGHTING TO WIN - Boris Dumont - The exciting story of a Belgian anarchist (ex) prisoner, his youth, gradual politicisation, how he ended up doing 10 years in prison and how he tried to escape. 75p

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IN BLACK AND WHITE -The story (in comic-book style) of radical journalist and ex-Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was framed by the cops and has consequently spent the last 15 years awaiting execution on death-row. 50p

FROM ALCATRAZ TO MARION TO FLORENCE - Documents the spread of 'Control Units' in the U.S. aimed at isolating/controlling political prisoners and prisoner activists. As relevant to Britain as to the U.S. £1.30

HUMAN RIGHTS... OR CONTROL UNITS - Maroon Russell Shoats- 50p- Discusses the effects of control units and why it's so important to fight against their existence. Written by a U.S. political prisoner currently inside one. 75p

IN MEMORY OF COMRADE GEORGE- Sekou Kambui- A clenched fist salute to George Jackson (Black Panther prison organiser) from a political prisoner who remains true to the cause despite spending the last 22 years in prison. A benefit for Sekou's support campaign.75p

IN THE STRONG BOX - Robert Mawdsley - An account of life in Parkhurst prison's isolation, "strongbox cells". 75p

PISSING IN THE SAME POT - Robert Taylor - The story of Robert Taylor, framed-up by Manchester cops and sentenced to 12 years for a crime he didn't commit. 75p

PRE SENTENCE ALLOCUTION - Bill Dunne - Captured with Larry Giddings and sentenced to 90 years after the attempted liberation of a prisoner, this is what Bill had to say to the court.75p

PRISON ABOLITION - Yves Borque - A Canadian prisoner's views and experience of crime and imprisonment. 75p

THE NEW PLANTATION- Bill Dunne - Anti-authoritarian political prisoner discusses alarming trends in U.S. prison policy and the nature of prison labour. Benefit for U.S. political prisoners/POW's.75p

THEY WILL NEVER GET US ALL! - Harold H. Thompson -An illustrated collection of the prison writings & poetry from a U.S. anarchist prisoner and jailhouse lawyer. Also a benefit for Harold's support campaign. £1.80

25 YEARS ON THE MOVE- The beliefs and history of the U.S. MOVE organisation, and it's fight against the system in America. £3.30

UNCONTROLABLES DOSSIER - Articles concerning the recent frame-up of certain Italian anarchists.50p

UNTIL ALL ARE FREE - The Trial Statement of Ray Luc Levasseur - Written from the experience of a working class revolutionary sentenced to 45 years for conspiring to overthrow the U.S. government.75p

WHY ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN ? - Larry Giddings - An interesting account of the activities and political development of an anti-authoritarian, political prisoner in the U.S.75p



ANARCHIST BLACK CROSS- PRISONERS FIGHTBACK- 2 designs available. Either on white, red or black -XL-size T-shirt - £6




ABC cloth patches 3 designs for £1 or 50p each

ABC logo enamelled metal badge- £1.20

REMEMBER WE'RE STILL HERE.. ABC 2 colour poster-75p

MUMIA ABU-JAMAL BENEFIT POSTCARD - Colour reproduction of a painting titled "Drum Talking" by U.S. Anti-Authoritarian political prisoner Larry Giddings. (produced by New York ABC).35p



INSIDE FOR US..- 90 min. punk compilation tape.31 bands, Class War Prisoners Benefit. £2

NOTHING TO LOSE BUT OUR CHAINS- 90 min. tape, diverse mixture of music, ABC benefit..£2

TAKING LIBERTIES -7" E.P. 6 tracks of political punk with lyric & information booklet ABC benefit.£2

IN THE SPIRIT OF TOTAL RESISTANCE- Compilation CD produced by ABC in Australia. Comes with a booklet and poster. Benefit for American Indian Movement Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier. £7



All prices include postage to the U.K. For Europe add 10%, For rest of world add 20%. Please make all cheques/postal orders payable to R.Taylor (in U.K. Sterling only). If sending cash hide it well. We also accept payment in unused U.K. postage stamps. All proceeds go towards funding the activities of the ABC unless otherwise stated. Please send all orders/enquiries to: Huddersfield ABC- PO Box 381, Huddersfield, HD13XX