Allandale Animal Sanctuary Charitable Trust was founded in 1984 to help animals in distress.

We provide a caring and happy home. No thought is given to cost when a life can be saved. All animals, which can be neutered, whether male or female, are neutered. We believe that while over 2000 healthy cats and over 2000 healthy dogs are still being destroyed in this country EVERY DAY, it is wrong to allow them to be born. The vast majority of these animals, which are put to deth, are a result of indiscriminate breeding. We encourage and promote the neutering of cats and dogs to prevent unwanted litters.

We want the animals that are already to be given the chance to live. We care enough to go on day after day, despite the failures and frustrations, and hope you will care enough too. Cruelty to animals is very common indeed and it is happening on your doorstep. You can do something constructive against such cruelty. There are many ways in whichyou can help and we shall be happy to advise.

We rely solely on voluntary contributions, legacies and covenants. As feeding costs and veterinary bills increase we obviously need more funds all the time. All donations are gratefully received. Please give generously to our four legged friends who ask for so little and yet give so much. At present there are more than 40 dogs at Allandale, all desperate for good loving homes. Some of these dogs are old or need a special diet due to illness. Many of these dogs will never be re-homed. There are also many other animals such as chipmunks, chinchillas, horses, goats, cats, hamsters, rats and mice all needing loving homes too. You may not be in a position to offer a home to one of these unfortunate animals but if you could spare a couple of pounds a monthto sponsor an animal it will give us the necessary funds to keep these animals and re-home them. At the moment funds are desperately needed to build an enclosure for exercising the dogs, anyone interested in helping raise funds or who has any fund-raising ideas or experience please contact Edinburgh Animal Rights on (0131) 667 6725. Edinburgh Animal Rights are co-ordinating efforts to raise money for this project. Regular fund-raisers are always needed.


If you wish more information contact:

Allandale Animal Sanctuary
Easter Baton Farm
West Benhar Road
Lanrkshire ML7 5TG

Tel. (01501) 823860

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