b i g b l e t h e r 3

at Talamh Life Centre, Lanarkshire, Scotland the weekend of September 6th-8th, 2002

a weekend to inspire, encourage and bring together people in Scotland interested in direct action, environmental issues and campaigning for change.

big blether 3

speakers include:

John Watson Think Globally, Act Locally
Michael Cropley The Zapatista Communities in Struggle
Robin Harper MSP Green Politics and Community Empowerment
Jenny Gaiawyn Peaceful Intervention in War Situations
speaker tbc May Day and Direct Action


community building, Trident, road protests, peace movement, women's liberation, LETS, herbal medicine with herb walk*, grassroots media, GMOs, opencast mining, globalisation, co-ops, eco- music, agents of change, environmental co-operative games*, alternative technology, geodesic dome building*, animal rights, wool-spinning and natural dyeing*, war, legal stuff, permaculture, wind farms,greenwashing vs. corporate responsibility, green politics, revolution and more...

* by Talamh volunteers.

Every two years, or thereabout, we come together to enjoy ourselves and to inspire and encourage each other. The whole weekend will be about direct action, peace and environmental issues and campaigning for social and ecological justice.


Talamh Life Centre, an environmental, educational resource centre, on moorland near the M74 in Lanarkshire. Reasonably priced vegan meals will be available (volunteers are needed to help with preparation and cooking in return for a meal ticket), or you can bring your own food and cooking equipment. Car parking is very limited so cycle, use public transport and please note that the site is unsuitable for live-in vehicles as any wet weather can resulting in getting very stuck! Do bring warm clothes, a tent, bedding, musical instruments and inspiration! Cost for the weekend is a donation of £5-£20 depending on your income. Please don't bring dogs.

Email: bigblether @ for specific information
Web: (check for current workshops and speakers)
Answerphone: 0131 557 6242

If you would like to come send following details to the address below:





I enclose a donation of .for the weekend (5 to 20 pounds per person depending on income, food not included). Cheques made payable to
Scottish Environmental Association. Children are welcome. Sorry, no dogs.

I'll be camping.

Would those unable to camp (elderly, disabled, etc), please contact BB3 so suitable arrangements for you can be made.

Please return form to:
Big Blether, c/o ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA

Note There is no online booking, as there seems no demand but if there is enough we may set up with paypal or similar. But feel free to email details to confirm while sending a cheques with details as well.